Christina could get away subsisting off of organic, 70% dark chocolate, granola, yogurt, and loose green tea for a week. But she won’t, because that’s not healthy. If she wasn’t a responsible, hard-working adult, she’d spend all her free time playing video games, reading American comics, kissing her boyfriend, listening to Old Time Radio, and making truffles.

She’s a web designer with a B.A. and went to university with Apple-loving hipsters to study all things digital technology and culture. She liked the program, but she didn’t learn anything besides Adobe Flash and After Effects. Does that make her an egg head, because she learned all she knows on her own? Her parents bought Windows 95 back in the day and the universe opened.

She owns a rather large (but not fat!) semi-long haired tuxedo cat named Panda. He rubs, meows, chirps, purrs, and rages, because he’s three and a half years old and still can’t climb a tree. She fostered him when he was eight weeks old and bought him at ten weeks old. Since he’s her cat, he’s perfect. Panda can do no wrong. Everything he does is adorable, amazing, intelligent, cunning, sly, obvious, and cute. Even when he’s in the litter box.

Weather permitting, she rearranges her day to take him out on his twenty five foot leash for an hour. She pampers, bathes, pets, loves, and spoils Panda rotten. Just like it should be.

Christina’s volunteered at numerous places over the last decade or so. Recently, she’s become too busy to pursue volunteering again. But she misses it and intends to get involved at a cat shelter again. It’s because of her involvement at a no-kill cat rescue group, that she fell in love with cats and now has her own.

Christina’s the youngest in the family, but not a runt. She writes fiction in her spare time, likes to explore old music, collects Golden Age Comics, reads Public Domain books, listens to Old Time Radio, browses online recipes, and reads about the American Revolutionary period.

This blog is all about whatever she wants it to be about. She’s not concerned about SEO, keeping on a topic, or trying to make this blog popular.

Things that matter to Christina

  • Jesus Christ and her church
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • The LibreOffice Foundation
  • Open Source Software
  • Free Software
  • No-Kill Cat Shelters
  • Animal Rights and Welfare
  • Eating healthy
  • All types of organic tea

People Christina likes

  • Abigail Adams
  • Joseph Warren
  • Jimmie Stewart
  • Alexandre Dumas
  • Mark Levin
  • Michael Savage

Books Christina Likes

  • The Adventures of Jimmie Dale
  • The Futher Adventures of Jimmie Dale
  • The White Moll
  • Reporting the Revolutionary War
  • 1776

Comics Christina Likes

  • The Green Hornet (Golden Age, 1966, 1980s)
  • The Spirit (Golden Age)
  • Zorro
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Dilbert

Praise Jesus, God bless ‘Murica. I love my 38 revolver.