Cultivating content can be difficult & time-consuming.

Without concise, polished content, you won’t be able to convey your business’s message. When I write content for your website, I tell your business’s story and capture the essence of your values, mission, and customer service.

Who You Are

Tell you business’s story and passion in your personal voice.

What You Do

And how your products and services are the best.

Why You Do

How your passion translates into your business. Help your customers.

How You Do

Insight into your business’s processes, which helps earn customer trust.

Business Culture

Approachable, friendly, professional: satisfy employees and customers.

Contacting You

Channels of communication making it easy for customers to get in touch.

Selecting You

Sell your services and products with authority and passion.

Unique Content

Connect with customers across digital and traditional channels.

Content that’s not optimized with relevant keywords won’t help you rank on Google. When I write content for your business, I perform organic keyword research and sprinkle relevant keywords throughout your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you come up with content for my business?
To come up with effective content, I'll need to collect pre-existing sources of content from you. Also, sitting down and asking you a series of questions is necessary. If you don't want to meet up for an hour or two, I can send you a content-gathering questionnaire. Gathering essential information is necessary, regardless of how it's done, so I can get to know you and your business.
I already have content. I just want you to make it better. Do you revise content?
Sure! I'll still need to send you my info-gathering questionnaire sheet. I need to do this so I can get to know your business in order to improve on your pre-existing content. Then, I'll need to know how you want me to revise your content: improve the pre-existing narrative, or change the narrative focus on the page(s)?
I don't want you to re-work my content. Will you just add in keywords?
Absolutely. However, I will need to perform slight sentence structure and phraseology changes to effectively place long tail keywords.
Will you edit content I've already written?
Yes I can. After I learn about your business, I can assess your business message and outline a website page list. I will send it to you. Once you've written page content drafts, I will edit them for you and add in organic, long tail keywords.
What do you cost to write completely new content per page?
If you are absolutely starting from scratch and have no content I can revise, I will need to perform all the work from info-gathering to content drafts, content edits, and keyword research. This can a few hours per page. My rate is $60/page.

If you’re a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, my services are FREE! Simply send an inquiry form and I’ll get in touch with you.