Panda meowing in a frustrated way – audio clip

Panda Audio Clips Cover Photo of Panda laying in cat toys, chewing on a cat toy

A while ago, Panda went on a frustrated meow binge. I had recorded the sound with video, but didn’t get around to converting his meowing it only to audio until now. It’s always fun to work with audio — and even more so when it’s my fur friend whining! Hope you like it.

The types, vocal ranges, nuances, and reasons cats meow are like snowflakes: no meow is exactly like another. Cats meow when they’re socially frustrated, when they’re on the hunt, or when they want something from their humans. They also meow to their kittens. The pitch and tone of a cat’s meow differs, as well, according to their mood and the context of the situation. Some cats have high-pitch squeaky-like meows. Others have lower pitch “masculine” meows. Some groups and people think that a cat will also adapt it’s pitch and style of meow to the most effective one. In other words, a cat may test various pitches and lengths of meows and settle on the ones that affect the cat’s human the most.

In this short audio clip, Panda’s meows are somewhat frustrated. He sounds upset and agitated at something.

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