WordPress Administration: Don’t worry about the day-to-day tasks of running your website. Let me do that for you.

WordPress Administration is a broad, encompassing service which includes updates, security, content changes, design changes, new features added to your WordPress website, feature research, custom development, and more.

Because this service is organic and always changing, I will need to consult with you to learn about your unique needs. Below are short summaries of some of the main WordPress Administration services I offer.


Handling the daily updates, website changes, new content, and more for your website.

WordPress Security

Keeping your WordPress website safe against hacks, injections, and spam. Learn more


Discovering solutions for new plugins, features, and themes for your WordPress website.

Web Design

Designing and adding new photos, graphics, and pages to your WordPress website.

Copy & Content

Writing and revising text for your WordPress website and marketing campaigns. See Organic SEO


Turning your digital marketing ideas into reality as info-gathering tools on your website.

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