WordPress security is necessary to keep your website safe. WordPress websites are constantly attacked by bots, injections, and spammers.

This is because WordPress websites are very popular these days. You may not even be aware that your website is being attacked, but there’s a good chance that it is. If you don’t have security hardening measures in place to stop these attacks, your website could be compromised at any second.

Every WordPress website should have at least the following measures in place:

Strong administrative passwords set for all of your sensitive areas, including the Dashboard.

Your WordPress website updated every 3 – 4 months to integrate WordPress.org’s latest security protocols.

Proper permissions on critical files to prevent outside access and tampering.

A plugin running to back up and store your website and database on a regular basis.

A masked address for your /wp-admin/ login page to stop bots from accessing the page.

Two-factor authentication to stop spammers and bots from accessing sensitive areas of your website.

I’ve been helping businesses and individuals harden their WordPress websites for years. My initial, comprehensive security check and back-up service costs $90. Afterwards, every quarter or so, you should have a specialist run updates and re-check your website’s security and performance. I also offer this service for $30.

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