What, did you think I'd post a picture of myself here when Panda is so much more attractive?

Having grown and lived in Washington State until she was 25, Christina holds a B.A. in Creative Media and Digital Culture from Washington State University's Digital Technology and Culture program, with an emphasis on web design. During her mid-teen years, she opened a web design business and provided sundry web-related services for almost 10 years. Christina's dabbled in short-story writing and running an e-zine. After watching The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Christina became serious about improving her writing and creating an intricate world where she could express her imagination and entertain people at the same time. In late 2015, Christina moved to Tennessee and lives with her beautiful long-hair tuxedo cat, Panda, and her family.

CNRoberts.com is Christina's website where she can blog and talk about whatever she wants. This website serves as the hub for her novels, random topical blogging, artwork, and various Pixia tutorials. I know for SEO, it's better to have a mono-topic website, but do I can about that for my website? Not really.