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DREAM: Changing into a cat to escape

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I dreamed of a father and a daughter. For some unexplained reason, the father was held against his will to work at a facility — and also what he did or where the facility was, wasn’t explained. It appeared to  be a hard laborious job, for he wanted to get out of there quite badly. The daughter seemed to be a pre-teen or very young teen. One day, the father decided to escape from his awful job and his poor, dirty life with his daughter. However, right after escaping, both of them nearly got caught. One of the “bosses” of the place where the father worked discovered their escape attempt and came in to confront the father. When being confronted, the father went back into his shop, which was in a small, single-story, red brick building. Inside were dirty, weird things that maybe a welder would use. I’m not sure. After a minute or so of toned-down, seemingly acceptable conversation, he suddenly ran away from the man. He and the man ran about the shop and got in a physical altercation, but in the end, the father and his daughter escape by changing into cats.

As cats, they began a journey to solidify their escape. They hid on passenger trains and ran through neighborhoods and slept and ate when they could, where they could. The people that had half forced the father to work in such horrible conditions sent out a team of two people to find them. The people drove around in a silver SUV and looked like classic FBI you’d see in a movie: black suits, black shades, very stoic, black gloves, never a smile or reaction to anything. Somehow, these 2 agents knew the man and his daughter were cats, though no one had ever seen them change and this ability was never explained. The agents also knew what kinds of cats the two were.

The father and daughter did quite a bit of running and escaping and finally came into a woman’s house one night and hid under her pillows as cats to sleep. The woman, also, somehow knew what was going on. When she discovered the two cats, she protected them. The two agents came to her door to ask her about them, and she lied by telling them she knew nothing of it. After that, the father and his daughter remained at that house for an extended period of time. I guess it ended well for them, for that was where my dream ended.


I like cats, obviously. And I watch cat videos off and on. I also have quite a few unwritten stories of people or a person escaping, succeeding, or being re-caught again.  There’s one unwritten story I have about a teenage boy who’s family hurt a wizard, so the wizard cursed him to be an orange, short-haired cat at night and a human during the day. I suspect these influences. As for the agents and other circumstances, this I can’t say. I did recently watched the trailer for Men in Black 4… But it seems to me, perhaps, the dream has encompassed feelings of escape to be free. Maybe I subconsciously feel oppressed and burdened by “adulthood”?