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DREAM: Fiance’s Starbucks party at the mall

This article is copyrighted (c) to Christina Roberts. All rights reserved.

My fiance had gone back to visit a friend in southern California and would be gone a week or so. Right at around that time, my mother had some special medical care needs she could only get from a certain doctor in Southern California. The doctor happened to reside in the same city my fiance was in. For unstated reasons, my sister and I went went her.

I was tickled thinking that I’d be near my fiance, of all places, and was hoping maybe I’d be able to see him at his party in Starbucks.

When the three of us arrived, we immediately went to see a for-sale house, instead of going to my mother’s doctor. It wasn’t stated why we were even looking at houses for sale. There were 3 Adobe-style, tan houses side-by-side on a street. We focused in on the middle one. The house in question was for sale for $230k and it was a three-bedroom, two-bath house with a nice two-car garage house. It was on a typical small lot with a bit of very green, well-cared for grass out front. The house looked to be maybe 20 years old and was in excellent condition. For southern California, a house that size, near a big city, and that cheap is unheard of.

We met with the realtor across the street from the house, but, oddly, we just talked about the house and didn’t go inside to look at it.

When we left the house showing, we went to my mom’s medical appointment. It was actually several appointments in one so J and I ended up following her from office to office. We went down long, dimly-lit hallways, sort of lost. It took mother a while to find the 3-4 places she needed to go.

After we finally sat down in one office to wait for my mother to be called, I called Charlie and told him where I was. He was less startled and happy than I’d hoped he’d be, but he did invite me to come to his party. It was in a huge mall, at Starbucks.

Of course I was happy to do so, so I went to the mall and began to look for the Starbucks. The mall was massive! It had two floors, but the floors seemed to stretch endlessly one way to the other. I felt like I was getting lost and discouraged after some time. The mall was so vast-would I ever find my fiance?

Then, randomly, I ended up being in a huge high school, pretending like I was looking for my younger brother, who didn’t exist. In reality, I felt nervous and lost, and so I’d  gone to the school in hopes that someone could tell me how to get out of it (really, get out of the mall). But I didn’t want anyone to know how old I was or that I was lost.

I got caught up in the seemingly endless snake of highschoolers rushing through the halls, but I somehow managed to escape. I saw a woman and asked her if she could help me. She said she would and pulled me aside to a computer terminal. She asked me about my brother, to which I responded he wouldn’t be in the national public school student information system. But she looked anyway. I felt very pinned, as I was lying about having a brother, and having lost him. I knew she’d never find him, since he didn’t exist, then ask me why he wasn’t in the system.

As she started to ask me about it, I said he probably wasn’t in there because we’d both been home-schooled. Then, as if it mattered, I added (rather slowly and deliberately), and I’d gone to college and had a bachelor’s degree. I think I felt as though I had to add that, to justify that my homeschooling education had been quite sufficient, to counter her pro-public school bias before she’d even had a chance to display it.

Her face dropped. At that moment, I asked were the exit was. She gave me some basic instructions and I rose to leave. Glad that my bluff worked, I finally escaped the massive school.

At some undescribed point, I must have changed my clothing, for I was wearing a to-the-ankles white body-con dress that fluffed out with many ruffles of lace near my feet. As I passed an out-in-the-open fashion show right there in the mall, with many racks of clothing and several sales ladies in fancy dresses, one of the woman told me I should find my fiance while wearing something more presentable. It wasn’t stated how she knew I was looking for my fiance, as I hadn’t told anyone. Therefore, she dressed me in a white dress that reached a little over my knees, poofy and loose and feminine. I thanked her and hurried on.

I texted my fiance and he told me where the Starbucks was. Eventually, I found it, but the windows had been tinted 100% black to mask the limited-access party that was going on inside. No one was allowed to enter without a special pass.

While I stood outside the Starbucks, three young men were looking me, making flirtatious faces and whistling. Irritated, I turned away. I texted my fiance that I couldn’t get in, to which he came out. When we saw each other, we ran and embraced.

But then he couldn’t get back in the party, for when he’d left it, his special entrance pass had been revoked! That was the condition of the party: if you leave before it’s over, you can’t get back in. No one had told this to him! I was startled and dismayed.

We sat down on a bench facing Starbucks as he texted his friends inside to try to get special access again. We were silent. Then, I felt guilty and wouldn’t look at him. He assured me it was alright; that the people in the party had been acting foolishly, anyway. But I knew he’d been looking forward to it for a while, and so my guilt only got higher.

I said it wasn’t okay. Because of me, he couldn’t get back in. At last, he softly admitted that yes, it was my fault–be he really was okay! That he blamed me made me feel worse. It was one thing to admit it yourself, but to have someone else agree was a horrible feeling.

Those three young men from before were standing some steps away, still whistling at me. Annoyed, I told my fiance they’d been doing that at me since I arrived. My fiance took my hand and we got up and went down through the mall to the food court where my parents were eating a meal. We joined them.

Nothing else was said about mom’s medical appointments, my fiance’s party, or the house we’d been looking at. In fact, it wasn’t even explained why, suddenly, my father was there, when he hadn’t been the entire time.


I haven’t had a wedding or engagement-related dream in a while. It’s a bit odd to have it now. I haven’t felt very stressed and most of the things are in place. My mother and father aren’t having any odd medical problems and they’re not looking for another house. I can only guess that, as my wedding is so close now, I am stressing about it some. Hence the white wedding-like gown in the dream, and then not being able to find my fiance. It may also be because houses, cost of living, and transitioning into a married woman is on my mind, too.