Shattered, broken car glass window

Dream: Fix the broken windows on my car

This article is copyrighted (c) to Christina Roberts. All rights reserved.

In this dream, I was at an auto shop around dusk, but it was a new one and I wasn’t so sure about it. I went there to get my car checked, because I noticed the back left window sounded like it was always open just a crack.

Somehow, my father had been driving my car at one point and told me I should “get the brake fluid checked too, because it smells like there’s a brake fluid leak, but just a slight one.”

So I drove up with Dad in the passenger seat (at some unclarified point, he was suddenly not driving anymore, and I was) and I went into the shop to talk to the mechanics. Oddly, the shop looked like a gas station that sells food and other things.

The mechanic seemed unimpressed all around and I thought even a little tipsy. He and a companion came out and looked over my car. The main mechanic said the window was “broken” and would need to be fixed, indeed. I still felt like he wasn’t being clear and I felt annoyed at him. Nevertheless, I moved my car to a spot where they could work on it and I said I’d return in a few days to pick it up. They sort of waved me off and said there was “no rush”.

Oddly, my mother drove up just then to pick me up. I asked how’d she know I was here? She didn’t specify; just acted like it was the most natural thing in the world that she, somehow, knew I was here. I got in to go home. We’d been driving on the freeway for maybe 10 minutes when I half panicked and said, “I parked my car in a spot where the mechanics might crush it! It’s not in the right spot!”

Mom drove me back and dropped me off and left that second time without me. I didn’t care. I hurried around, found my car, and proceeded to dig through an entire back seat full of random things, which hadn’t been there before. The entire back seat was just full of these things in every which way, piled up like trash heaps. I had to reach my arm down into the filth to find whatever it was I was after. I found something down in there I needed, but I don’t know what it was. I suppose this was normal, because I didn’t act like my entire back seat full of trash wasn’t a problem–just an annoyance.

My car was fine, to my relief. And, actually, though the mechanics had told me they wouldn’t be able to work on it for 2 – 3 days, they had already done so and fixed my window. The window in question would roll up, but not close all the way. It was misaligned and the rubber siding around it, too, was loose. The mechanics had fixed all this and the window functioned and looked correct now.

Irritated, I got in my car and drove around looking for my father. I drove my car around the shop/gas station and slowly drove up horizontally across 2 parking spots. Dad was inside, sitting near a window eating cheap gas station food. When he saw me rolling slowly by, and me leaning forward behind my wheel, glaring out at him, he was shocked and jumped up and hurried out to get in the passenger seat.

I frowned at him and we left. Neither of us said anything, so I suppose everything ended well.


Like most car owners, I have a constant, low level of anxiety about my car and how it functions. Every now and then, when I’m in it, I feel like air is leaking in from one of my windows, but I know this isn’t true. I check the windows often. My car  runs fine; it’s just that concern about “what if” something broke on it and I suddenly had to pay a bunch to get it fixed. I quite like my car! I hope to have it around a long time. As for my father, he’s the one I talk to about car things and car maintenance. It seems more natural, because of that, that he’d pop up in a dream about mechanics. Not sure about my mother, though. This was a sort of weird dream.