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DREAM: Husband laying horizontally across my body

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The dream I had last night was more like a fragment. I’ve been sleeping in the back room, since my husband’s been away out of state on traveling. I dreamt last night that I was in the bed, in my dream, and that I woke up and I and felt my hand down on my left side and my husband was there.

He was laying horizontal and he was shirtless. I felt his back and then I realized he was there and I looked up. The weird thing was, that he was laying horizontal, to be laying across me, and, yeah, his body would have been on top, across me, but it wasn’t. So I don’t know what was going on there. That was the dream.

I really am not sure about this one. The dream was completely peaceful and natural, except that, even in the dream, I thought, “How is my husband laying across my limbs like this, but I don’t feel him laying on me?” Maybe it’s because we haven’t been able to share a bed in over 2 weeks, as he’s been very sick and only mostly recovered just before he went out-of-state. Maybe I miss his body next to mine.