Large, round, white straw hat

Dream: The Large, White, Heavy Wedding Hat and My Anger

This article is copyrighted (c) to Christina Roberts. All rights reserved.

It was my wedding day. I was flustered — I think it was because I was going to be late, but I’m not sure. I just know I was in a white dress and I was ready to go get married. Someone had to take me in their car. I don’t recall who it was. They took me to the place of the ceremony, which was outside.

The day was Spring, warm, and the sky was completely blue. When the vehicle pulled up and I got out, I had to walk upward on a golden-tinted path that turned a little left and right. At the top, several dozen pew benches, gray, were set left and right to make an aisle down the middle.

I recall feeling extremely frustrated and a bit shy. The groom wasn’t there yet! Well, I had nothing else I could do, so I went to the front of the ceremony area and stood there waiting. My head felt hot, because I was wearing a ridiculous, large-brim white hat, like a broad straw summer hat in it’s style.

I’m not sure how long I stood there, but it felt like it was some considerable amount of time. There were quite a few people sitting on the pews waiting. The man that was to marry us wore a long white robe and he stood up behind a circular pulpit, if it could be called that, to my right, also waiting.

The fields that stretched out everywhere was packed full of short, yellow flowers, so many flowers that not a speck of green underneath showed. All the flowers were the same in height so the field was a near perfect sheet of white. The sky was blue with just a few wispy clouds. All in all, it was a lovely, picturesque day.

But I was just so frustrated and I kept having to adjust the hat, because it was heavy and it kept trying to tilt my head forward and downward.

And, finally, the groom arrived in a white suit. He calmly came walking up the aisle and stood beside me, very happy.

I wasn’t happy. I was so angry. I’m sure I scowled fiercely at him, but I can’t recall. The entire time, I kept re-adjusting that horrible, white hat. We went through the entire ceremony in this fashion, though it seemed I was the only person who was aware of the silly hat. When it was time for us to kiss, I was almost unable to do so, because the hat blocked my face.

In fact, I can’t recall if I did succeed in kissing him. The dream ended there. It felt so bizarre.

I think I’m just experiencing normal pre-marriage jitters, worries, and stress. I don’t want any mistakes to happen. I want things before, during, after, and the move to go smoothly. Albeit, there will be hiccups. I just no huge problem arises.