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DREAM: Meeting My Fiance’s Family at The Modern Church

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In this dream, my family and I attended a rather large, lovely modern church with white brick and thick Doric columns on the exterior front. We parked down a hill and had to walk up, which was very hard and slow for my mother. We therefore went slow for her, but she still had a really hard time to get to the top. It was quite a lovely walk, with green, bushy trees to the right, a black slotted fence that rose to about my shoulders, and traffic to our right. The sky was a bit cloudy, but the air had a feeling of slight coolness.

At the top of the sidewalk, we turned right into a charming green “yard” with a white, bending path that led up to the church. Now, apparently we hadn’t been to this church before. We were going because of feeling pressured to make a good impression on my fiance’s family. Perhaps our feeling was misguided, but for some reason, we felt we needed to be attending a big church to make a good impression on them. My fiance’s family was supposed to arrive any minute for Sunday school.

We went inside. Presented before us was a long, wide hallway, with the main worship hall on the right and a Sunday school worship hall on the left. Not sure where to go, we went to the left. The Sunday school room was set up in theater presentation arrangement: it dipped quite harshly, full of long, dark oak pews that had no cushions. For some reason, though all 4 of us went in, only dad and I were there. Mom and my older sister were gone. He and I didn’t seem to notice.

I went and sat down on the front bench, all the way on the right end of the bench. Dad sat behind me. After a few minutes, a bunch of people of varying ethnicities that looked like a mix of East Asian and Hispanic came in to sit next to me on the bench. It was implied that these were my  fiance’s relatives. A lot of them were quite young, looking to be teenagers and young adults. I felt confused and intimidated. Happening to look down, I noticed my legs were hairy and I was mortified that I’d shaved, but somehow overlooked my legs. Glancing around, I lowered my dress as much as I could — almost down to my ankles. In reality, I don’t wear dresses, so this seemed odd to me.

Then the Sunday school lesson began. Above to the left and right were 2 big televisions. The teacher put on some kind of movie, instead of teaching Bible. I’m not sure what the show was. Halfway through, he turned it off and a different young/middle aged man came up. This new man introduced himself as “I’m the church’s christian astrologer” and he was going to proceed to give astrology info and readings.

Already uncomfortable and feeling like I didn’t belong, I turned around to look at Dad. With his head, he made a gesture for us to leave and so we got up and left. Out on the big hall again, we decided to try the class in the main worship hall. We went in and I progressed to sit in the back-most pew. However, turning about, Dad was gone! Startled, upset, and shaken, I again went out into the main hall to look for him. No one was there.

As Sunday school seemed to be over, I went back into the Sunday school worship room and went down by several benches to where mom was sitting and talking with a random lady. I squatted down next to the bench and asked her in an undertone, “where did dad go?”

Mom was talking rather loudly and ignoring me. I kept asking. She eventually blasted, “HE WENT TO DO HIS LAUNDRY!” I asked why she was talking so loud? She responded it was because no one ELSE was so she had to make UP for the silence by being loud!

In fact, most of the people hadn’t left the room to go to the main worship service. They were still sitting in their seats, oddly passive. The people that we thought were my fiance’s relatives turned out not to be. I then asked mom when Dad would be back? She wasn’t sure.

There I left her and went back to the main hall. Just then, Dad was coming in! He was wearing his gray dress jacket and black dress pants. I asked him where he’d been? Instead of saying he’d done his laundry, he said he went to my fiance’s relatives’ hotel to meet them. How’d it go? He told me they were all disappointed that our family wasn’t Korean, and especially since we weren’t, some far way back, part of their family. And, he added, they didn’t speak any English. none of them. I thought, how’d he find out about their disappointment then that we’re not Korean if none of them could speak English to communicate the sentiment?

After that, we went into the main worship hall to go to the main worship service. This is where the dream ended. We never did see any of my fiance’s actual family or relatives come in.

This dream was rather cut and dry. First, I’m suspicious of churches and quite picky in the one I will choose to attend. ‘m not into nondenominational fluff churches that use 15 different bible translations. in the Laodician church age, there’s a lot of churches that don’t teach sound Bible. The second part is that there has been a little bit of concern and disappointment from my fiance’s family that he chose a white girl to marry. My mother is also concerned about making a mistake or upsetting my fiance’s mother in some way when they finally meet his parents. So, generally, there’s pressure, stress, and worry concerning meeting his family. There’s also general wedding worries from all that’s involved with that. But I think everything will work out fine and we will realize any concern about the families meeting was nonsense.