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DREAMS: Sick cat with a double back foot & the reincarnated mermaid

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In this dream, my cat seemed to be ill. I hurried about to prepare his kitty carrier, but it didn’t work hardly at all, because the cat cage had a lot of walls — but the walls were all bamboo twigs. The cage was round. I couldn’t get it together, so I eventually threw it all to the floor, angry and sobbing. So, then I used my backup cat carrier, which was much smaller, and I worried my cat wouldn’t fit in it. When I went to get him, someone asked me, was I sure that he was actually ill? I looked at my cat again again and Panda was hopping around on three legs. His back, left leg was not only up, but twisted up around his back. Also, his back foot was all bent up looked grotesque, for there was a second foot attached to the left, back foot that he had twisted up around his back!

I took him and put him in the carrier. Then, suddenly, I was on my scooter and it looked like I was going to the mall. At a red light, I looked back to make sure my cat was still there in his cage. He looked 100% fine, but he was sitting on the back of my seat, with nothing to hold him in place, and no cat carrier anywhere. I was alarmed and repositioned him to stay on the back of my seat.

I’m not sure if I ever got him to the vet, or if I took him in the mall, or if something else happened, for that was the end of the dream.

Not long ago, Panda suffered 3 bouts of UTI-related illnesses almost back-to-back. I am quite fastidious in ensuring he goes to all his checkups, gets his teeth cleaned when needed, etc. however, because of this, I have some anxiety about him being healthy and not enduring this again. I also have a large carrier for him. It’s technically a dog carrier, though I only put him in it if I must. Most of the time, he sits in my back seat and wails. I think this dream was mostly a subconscious release of my worry and stress over his health.


Then, I dreamed of a woman who was down in the ocean. I’m not sure how or why she died, but she was, sadly, holding the hands of another human man, but then she let go (supposedly, being dead?) and she turned into colored dust. All the dust went down into a massive clam. After some time, the clam opened and she was there, but she had been turned into a mermaid! The new mermaid rose out of the clam, healthy and alive. When she realized she was a mermaid, she was sad and alarmed. Her first desire was to have the man she was with become a merman, but that would never be. Though she looked for him, he was completely gone.

To be honest, I really have no idea. This scenario sounds like a potential skeleton plot for a story, though!