A spider on a spiderweb

Dream: Spiders on my shoes, crawling up my body!

This article is copyrighted (c) to Christina Roberts. All rights reserved.

Three days ago, I was outside in the mid-afternoon taking Panda on his hourly territory rounds of the property. I often squat down to give my body a little bit of rest. So, I was doing just that, and I happened to look down at my shoes, and there was this 1/4″ or so sized spider with some blue coloration on it. I immediately gasped, jumped up, and shook it off. Unnerved, I stepped about 10 paces up the side of the property. This time I remained standing. However, an estimated 20 minutes after, I looked down and saw that same spider, this time crawling up my leg! The horrible little creature had made it up to my inner thigh! Was it following me? I dropped my Fire tablet in horror, gasping, and jumping around to get it off. I turned about several times, looking myself over, wondering if it was really gone. Though I didn’t see the spider again, I was suspicious that it was, somehow, somewhere on my body for the rest of Panda’s time outdoors.

So last night, I dreamed of spiders. I could psychoanalyze the dream, but really, I assume it was because of my spider incident. In the dream, I was in a house where I lived with my parents–no idea what house it was or where we lived. My father was reclining in a chair near a wall in our living room. A stand-up land provided him golden-hued illumination. I came over before the chair and started talking to him about inconsequential matters. Then I looked at my left arm and a big spider was there! Gasping, I shook my arm and it fell off. But only a minute or so after, I saw another spider–this time bigger and hairier– on my outer left leg! Gasping and screaming, I shook my leg horribly and it flew off. Then, after another minute, there was yet another spider! This one looked to be an inch in circumference and was extremely black and hairy. It was crawling up my outer right thigh! At that point, I started screaming and jumping all around, flailing my arms, begging my father to help me somehow.

He couldn’t, so I went running into the bathroom for the shower. Without even giving myself time to strip, I jumped into the bathtub and turned the shower on full. Then, I found my senses enough to remove my clothing, all the while almost crying and whimpering and looking all around to see if the spiders were gone. A few of them fell off and swirled down the drain, but I wasn’t convinced that I’d gotten them all.

… But that was where my dream ended. I hope I did get them all…