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DREAM: Freighter and the Teeny, Tiny, Two-Seater Steam Locomotive

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The dream I had last night felt like 2 different dreams, but it actually was 1 dream and it was all about steam locomotives. No surprise there, as I’ve been watching an unnatural amount of steam locomotive videos (and now also modern diesel locomotives) from whistle sounds and wheel arrangements, to documentaries about steam locomotive roots, construction in 1940s shops, to the Big Boy 4014, steam ambassador 844, and to reading On The Iron on Big Cloud.

In my dream, I had gone traveling. When I returned, I did so via means of a large, industrial freighter and apparently I owned the freighter. I brought with me, aboard the freighter, a teeny, micro locomotive that was only as big as the size of an economy car. It had a bench in the rather open cab with space for only 2 people. I wrote a variety of notes and things on random, ripped pieces of 6×4 paper sheets and stuck them up about in the wooden ceiling. My reason was, that I claimed what I wrote were useful tips and information for passengers, but what that info was, I don’t know. Who would be the passengers, anyway, with only 1 bench for 2 people? I painted the locomotive light gray with white trim and I recall having a feeling like the entire body of the little beast was wood (like mid 19th century steam locomotives). I also can’t recall any intimation that the little locomotive had a firebox or any actual parts of a steam engine, enabling it, realistically, to sustain it’s own power (or move under it’s own steam, as it’s said) Go figure. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with it. It was a pretty little thing and I was quite proud.

Then, a weird cut in the dream happened here. When I was on my freighter, I had maneuvered the massive ship almost dangerously close to the shore. Not withstanding that, I reacted like that was perfectly fine and I came to the shore in a flat boat that looked more like a piece of long, flat wood than any respectable amphibious craft.

My family had no idea I was coming back until they saw I had “built” a new section onto the back of my freighter. They then progressed to warn me that one of them had had a dream where a large rolling wave pushed my freighter all the way up to the shore and beached it. Alarmed and upset (I guess I hadn’t beached it myself?), I told mom not to dream like that anymore, because it was bad luck. Who knows what happened with my freighter. It was out of the dream at that point.

This confrontation aside, we all went our ways and I started blogging about my cute little micro locomotive and how proud of it I was. Other steam engine enthusiasts saw my posts and started interacting with me, which was very surprising to me.

Then, a young woman I wasn’t acquainted with also built a micro locomotive of her own and painted it all bold blue. She was so excited and I was excited and I came and rode on it with her. I recall noting that she was also keeping pieces of little paper notes tucked between wooden beams on the ceiling of her engine like I did, and I thought it was a good system, even though she’d obviously copied me. I also recall feeling a big snotty and thinking my locomotive was better than hers.

Not long after, I ended my trip and got off her locomotive and went on my way. Then, randomly, there was a young man with a backpack–a high school student. I asked if he was going to his bus stop — he was; being nice, I walked with him there and then he inferred he wanted me to go away at that point. I understood he was embarrassed for his friends to see me with him. I smiled, waved, and left, walking away.

I’ve been watching some freighter videos recently, in addition to train videos (beaching old freighters, sunken freighters, freighter construction, etc). I like freighters and find them fascinating. In retrospect, this dream wasn’t so difficult to interpret.