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DREAM: The Expensive, Organic Deli & Meat Shop

This article is copyrighted (c) to Christina Roberts. All rights reserved.

In this dream, Charlie and I went into this cute, little family-owned food store. It was a specialty, prepared meat-type store. It had a feeling of when you go into a big grocery store and you go over to their deli department and they have long rows of meats, cooked and raw, and various fixed, cooked dishes. So, we go in this store, and the whole store is shaped like a square.

It had a counter on every corner; a big, glass counter with foodstuffs, and when we walked in, there was an older, thin lady who approached us, and I guess she was the owner of the store, although she didn’t actually say. Se greeted us kindly with,”Hello,” and we were very excited to be there, because we’d heard that the store was all completely organic, but we’d also heard the store was really expensive because it was organic.

So, we’d come to check it out. She progressed to show us around, and I was really shocked at how expensive everything was. We asked her is there an area where there was the cheapest stuff? And she pointed to this 4- or 5-tier, metal rack in one of the corners. It was dominantly prepared fish food, and it was all cooked. It was all fish-based casseroles and little fish in jars and things, but her deal was that, everything–all the fish food was aging; like how when we leave cheese out, it ages. So, her argument was, the longer you leave the fish food age, the better it is, and the more expensive it is.

I went up to all the fishy food and it was real expensive; it was like, there were these 4- to 8-oz little, round glass jars of just fish pulp. It looked like she’d taken cooked salmon and pureed it up and stuffed it in these little jars. And it was $20 for a 4-oz. The cheapest one I saw was $11-something for 4-oz. Then she had like 9×13″ casserole dishes of I guess fish mixed with other stuff–that was like $50, $30. So, I kind of looked at all these peach-colored, salmon fish dishes and of course couldn’t get any of them.

And then she went on to explain to us how they get all their meat locally sourced, and how they check to make sure if they have, like, chicken they use, that all the chickens were fed a hormone-free, vitamin-rich diet. And that the vitamin formula they were fed as a supplement didn’t have a bunch of salt in it; it wasn’t like half salt, half vitamin nutrients.

And Charlie and I were like, “Oh, wow, that’s cool.”

So, she then showed us some of their desserts. There was this 9×13″ throw-a-way casserole dish full of whipped cream–like someone had taken one of those cans of cheap whipped cream from the store and had just filled up this whole pan of that stuff. But there was a section on the end that looked like it had been cut away; and there was a piece of what looked like a cucumber zucchini sticking out of it–like, cut off at the front.

She said that sometimes she orders certain dishes months in advance and that one she looked like, “Eh, I wasn’t sure what it was. I had to order it months in advance, but it doesn’t sell very well.”

And I thought, “Ugh you’ve had that in here for months? Hmm.”

So, you know, we looked around a bit more, and then suddenly the lady was preparing a cheesecake for my husband. I grabbed Charlie by the shirt collar and I pulled him to the side and I said, “Wait, are you ordering the whole cheese cake?”

He gave me this guilty-looking smile and I said, “Get a small one. I don’t like cheesecake, and it’s going to be really expensive here.” He looked like he was all disappointed and I was like, “Get a small one…”

So, he told her to get a single person-sized one–like a mini cake. She prepared it and it was $8! And I thought, “Ugh.” And I didn’t want anything out of the store. So, Charlie got his cheesecake and we left the store and that was the end of the dream.

The whole place, even though it was small, it was really clean and kept up really well and everything. There wasn’t a single smudge on any of the glass counters and it was slightly dim in there and kind of had like a cozy ambiance feel to it, but no mater how much I liked it, I thought, “I’m not coming back here to shop for a while.”

I had told Charlie when we were in that store, “Yeah, when we’re really rich, this is the kind of place we’ll come to do our regular meat shopping–whatever we want.”

He hadn’t said anything to that response, but I know that he generally agreed, because, in real life, we’ve talked about stuff like this. So, yeah, in the  dream, we left the store and who knows if I’ll dream about it again, but that was what it was.


I really like all-natural, hormone-free, organic food. Right now, we can’t buy much of that, because it’s more expensive. Before I got married, my family and I would buy quite a bit of that and it would make a huge expense difference on the grocery hill; and I’ve had to come to terms that this is just how it is right now and I’m okay with it. But, through the years, as Charlie’s income increases, I know that we will buy a little better, a little better quality food. And even now, I won’t buy a lot of boxed, processed foods. I’m just not buying organic.

So, the dream was probably a manifestation of my desire to buy better-quality food. Also, for Charlie’s birthday the other day, he took me to this Empire Fish Market in town. It was small and had the general layout of the place in my dream, but the fish market only had one long counter on the left side of the store. And it was all fresh fish, so it was very expensive. It was like–we bought him 1lb of salmon steaks for $15.96. I cooked it and that’s what he ate. So, that was also probably also a big influencer of this dream.