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DREAM: The Rural, Post Apocalyptic Windy Earth – and A Volcano

This article is copyrighted (c) to Christina Roberts. All rights reserved.

Last night, I had such a weird dream. My family and I lived in a post-apocalyptic type of world. There wasn’t any discussion or hint that the current wild climate of the earth had been brought about by nuclear fallout or an eroding climate or a celestial body impact. In short, there was no explanation except “because of it, this is how things are”.

My family and I hid away in the basement of a house and waited it out. When we came out, we were in the wild, so to say. We weren’t in a city or town or anywhere where there were other buildings. There was an open field of sorts before us, barren with a mixture of petrified trees and sand and dirt. To the left and right, there were tall fir and pine trees.

We went about trying to live in one house after another, but they always all failed. The houses weren’t poorly constructed. It was that, at random times, but more so in the evenings, a violent wind storm would come about. The storm was a direct creation and product of whatever had happened to cause the whole world to crumble the way it did. Sometimes, the sky would take on strange orange, red, and yellow colors and odd “wind forms” would gather.

However, in the midst of this strange world, my father seemed to have Internet access. There was also a time where my mother went out to see some sort of doctor about something. That was never explained.

We struggled. The wind storm would break part of the house and we’d move on and travel until we came to another empty house that suited us. We’d settle there and try to go about surviving, always wary of the next wind storm.

We must have moved at least 3 times in the dream. Eventually, we settled on a 2-story house that seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. One evening, a massive storm was coming. My father was watching it on the Internet to track its progression. In the distance were massive, craggy mountains. We could just see foreboding dark gray clouds, being pushed forth and rolling over each other from the aggressive wind.

I felt an impending peril and I started gathering random things that I guess I valued above other things. I took them into a basement area. That’s when I noted Mom was out at the doctor’s. Hurriedly, we 3 (Father, sister, and I) got into my car and drove down the freeway, always watching the growing clouds in the rear-view mirror.

When we arrived at the doctor’s office and went in to tell Mom, all we received was irritation from her, and laughter that we were worried about the storm. Mom must have come home, for the next scene, we were all home; but if she came in my car or her own was never explained.

The next thing, it was suddenly night and we were all in our beds. The storm had begun and the wind was cracking against the house. I lay in bed extremely worried. No one had prepared for it at all. They were all sleeping like it was no issue.

Then, I got up and went downstairs. Though the wind was wild outside, what terrified me was a small volcano quite close by (like a 5 minute walk) had sprung up from nowhere and was erupting. A lava stream was slowly coming down the soft incline to our house! I then realized it had burned away already into our house and was currency, slowly oozing it’s way through the living space.

In a panic, I ran upstairs to tell my parents. When I woke them up, my dad only lectured me about losing my head. He was irritated and thought my description of the lava flow in our house was no issue at all.

Shocked, I left the room and progressed to, again, gather up things I owned that I valued and put them in another part of the house. I don’t remember many of the things. I think one was a computer and certainly the other was my cat, Panda.

I had an overwhelming sense that if I didn’t try to save my things, I would never be able to replace them.

Two days ago, my bosses notified me that they were having to cut my 40 hours back to 20 per week come Jan 1. That’s a 50% drop of my income. I’m already concerned about expenses and being able to save, generally, after I get married. Now, with this income drop, will I be able to save at all? Will things after I get married be really tight? I think the dream reflects a chaotic, stressed, uncertain frame of mind in this regard. I also have some feelings of fear over the uncertainty of marriage and transition to a new place, plus leaving a safe, predictable, comfortable place that I’ve been in for years: with my family at their house. These things are all natural for a person to feel. Just rather uncomfortable.