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DREAM: Trying to crush the skull of the family witch

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This is one of the grosser, weirder dreams I’ve had lately. In this dream, I found the dismembered, rotting head of a witch. I picked it up, really grossed out, and not sure what it was at first. It had long, filthy, black hair and I grabbed the hair when I picked up the head. The flesh of the face was nearly all rotted away.

But the head was alive and kept taunting me! Weirdly, I wasn’t surprised that the head was alive. I was surprised that the head said she was one of my ancestors and that she was a witch, and that all of us women were therefore witches. My reaction was that I thought if I “killed” her, the “curse” of witch blood in the family would end. So I carried her out by the hair and put her on the driveway. In the dream, I was living back in a large, double-wide, white manufactured home with blue trim as I had when I was a pre-teen. The house at that age in my life was located in a manufactured park on quite a steep hill and it was almost at the top of the hill. Some several dozen other houses were in the park. It was kept up nicely and all the manufactured homes were modern.

When I put the witch’s head on the driveway, I progressed to smash her skull and head into bloody, pulpy mash. But she kept screeching and laughing and taunting me and saying she’d be back and I couldn’t get rid of her. Randomly, the witch’s head would travel up the outer walls of our house like some slithering, evil thing, cackling and taunting the whole time. Then I’d be back bashing the head on the driveway. All the while I kept trying to smash her into oblivion, my two sisters came out to observe. They were silent and didn’t seem to be surprised at all.

During this dream, I was randomly very ill and was on the toilet a long time and couldn’t leave. The bathroom had weird sticky pulps and fluid around the toilet, but that seemed to be normal. I was only annoyed about it and noted, grumbling to myself, that someone hadn’t cleaned it well and I’d have to find out who that person was.

Then, I was suddenly back to trying to kill the witch.  And then, suddenly, in the driveway, two other witches were there and said they were our ancestors, too. They were quite nice, had complete, unrotted bodies, and lamented with us about that third witch, who was nasty and evil (so they said). Then the two nice witches (who were fairly young, had long hair, looked decently modern, etc) walked on down the steep street and the nasty third witch, who suddenly also had a body, was there with them! They all seemed to think this was normal, as did we. The evil third witch, whom I’d been trying to kill, was all in one whole piece and also looked modern and decent-looking.

They three witches were talking to random neighbors. I and my two sisters watched them talking to neighbors and I noted how it was nice at least 2 of the witches were nice and had good temperaments. I guess I wasn’t able to destroy the curse of the witch blood, as that was where the dream ended.


Well, I don’t worry about witches and such things. However, I have been listening to a Parcast podcast called “Haunted Places” and that might have influenced this dream. Haunted places is about ghosts, but there is a loose connection, in some ways. I also see headlines now and then about the rise of witchcraft in the U.S. and how witches have been casting “spells” against political rivals, like President Trump. So, it seems to me that the witch dream was influenced subconsciously by these things and the violence I was inflicting on the head might be from my subconscious stress.