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DREAMS: Angry Professor and Bark Gook on Face

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This was another night of 2 different dreams, with some common themes that my dreams seem to have:

1) The first one was that I had a strange, brownish bump on my face next to my left nostril. I’d had it there for some weeks and thought it was just some nasty skin thing that would go away in time. But then a weird, brown-toned, solid thing came out of it. I fingered the thing with some curiosity, then went into the bathroom to deal with it. A piece of wood about the size of a fingernail came out of it. With it also came weird, disgusting sap-like, clear goo and then webs, like spider webs. Even a spider came out of it! I felt the sap and squashed the spider in my fingers, feeling a bit grossed out. But I took care of that face issue so I guess all was well.


I’m a bit self-conscious about what can be perceived as imperfections of problems on my face: acne, bumps, etc. A while ago, I also had a splinter in my finger and it took over a week for the wood splinter to come out. I’ve been using acne cream since I was 16 and still do. Therefore, this dream may be a reflection of my inner fear of having some substantial problem on my face, up to the point of a lump that could be cancer. My father’s had a few benign lumps on his face frozen off before. That may be an inner fear of mine, too.

2) The second dream was of me at WSU-V where I went to university some years ago. I was sitting in the Apple computer lab. It was a newish type of lab with circular desks and 4 computers at each desk. I sat down and sent a message to my professor, who happened to be Jordan Peterson, of all things. I can’t recall the exact class topic, but all the students were required to write an argumentative paper. I had sent my paper to him previously for a pre-grading review and he hadn’t responded about it in nearly a week. Curious, I asked him what he thought. He started to send me messages stating that the paper was “decent”, but I should review my sources. How authoritative were the sources? How credible? Did I accidentally use the same source more than once, or material that was too similar from more than one source? He also listed out the errors I’d made in my citations.

Then, he wanted to webcam chat. I was on an Apple computer, so I didn’t know how to initiate it right and I stumbled around the monitor and desk trying to turn the web chat off. My professor became upset and was saying things like, “You’re on a Mac? Why didn’t you say so? I don’t know how to navigate a Mac well!”

As he went on in this manner, I was trying to turn the chat off on my end. After a couple minutes of looking around the computer, I finally managed to do so. Then, feeling bad, I tried to apologize, but I couldn’t get the text messages sent. I waited for some time and finally just thanked him for reviewing my paper and stated I’d make the recommended changes. I then ended the chat.

I felt very nervous in my dream about his anger and I wondered if he’d mark my paper down because of the web chat fiasco. I’ll never know, for that was the end of the dream.


Quite some months ago, I was introduced to Jordan Peterson on Steven Crowder’s show. Since then, I’ve watched and listened to quite a few of his videos. My fiancé also found him and he watches a lot of the videos, too. In addition, when I was a university student, I had the typical nerves about my papers. Recently, I was talking to a young woman who’s studying graphic design about how I dislike Mac computers. Maybe all those things merged into 1 dream?