Harry & David Dark Chocolate Truffles

Harry & David’s Dark Chocolate Truffles – Made in the USA – Review

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Harry & David are a brand that sells dark and milk chocolate truffles by amounts of 12 (8oz) in cute brown and red boxes.

I came across Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles at a bargain outlet store called Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. My, I was very surprised to find something in the way of chocolate that was half-decent at a bargain store! This coming from a woman who loves her truffles. I tend to go for See’s Candies dark chocolate truffles and Swiss Colony dark chocolate petit fours (not the healthiest, I know).

They’re impossibly delicious! Rich. Creamy. And full of chocolate flavor.

– Harry & David claim about their dark chocolate truffles

When I first bought these truffles, I assumed they’d underwhelm me. That’s how itt been with many other store truffles. Besides, cheaper truffles usually have something wrong with them: too crunchy, too dry, taste funny, five hundred ingredients, etc. However, Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles weren’t like that at all!

The Upsides

On the contrary, the truffles are smooth, slightly moist, and have a semi-rich taste. What was more surprising to me was

  1. The truffles are made in Medford, Oregon. Things made in the USA make me happy!
  2. There’s not a novel of ingredients. Only a few!

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, butter oil [milk], soy lecithin, vanilla, milk traces), coconut oil.

The Downsides

None of these “downsides” will matter to you if you’re not picky or have allergies.

  1. Harry and David’s dark chocolate truffles state they, “may contain trace amounts of allergens not listed in the ingredients”.
  2. In light of the allergen statements, the truffles are obviously not gluten free.
  3. Also, since the box makes no claims to non-gmo, etc, I assume there are at least traces of gmo-derived ingredients.
  4. Since milk is one of the ingredients, these truffles most likely have very small amounts of hormone mixed in, too.

At this point, though, with limited options where I live, I’ll happily eat these truffles despite the “downsides”. You have to give somewhere now and then!

The Verdict

Harry and David, LLC state this on the box:

OUR STORY: The year was 1934 and Harry & David had just introduced America to the world’s sweetest, juiciest pears. From humble beginnings, the company maintained an unwavering focus on quality and grew to become America’s leader in gourmet fruits and foods. That commitment to quality lives on, today, with these delicious chocolates. Enjoy!

You bet I’ll enjoy! I’ve bought Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles a few times and will certainly get them again. If you have an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet in your town, you may want to go look for Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles around the cash registers!

For your lusty chocolate reviewing pleasure:

Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles: front of the box.
Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles: ingredients.
Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles: open box.
Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles: “our story”.
Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles: truffles package ingredients label.
Harry & David’s dark chocolate truffles: only $4.99!

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