Panda laying on the bed next to me. He can sense pain!

Can pets sense pain? Panda can. Studies also suggest that pets can sense when people are unwell

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I’ve heard it over the years: the claims that precious pets can sense pain. They know when their humans are unwell in some way. I’ve also watched accounts of dogs that can sense when their human is about to have a seizure. Or when a woman is pregnant. Oscar the cat can allegedly sense when people are about to die. There are many instances of animals that show they can sense pain. People speculate animals may be able to smell key tones, or may just interpret a lack of movement or a certain type of movement to suggest illness.

That’s sweet. I consider the data showing that pets can sense illness in humans to be true and pretty amazing. God certainly put a special sense into animals.

Every now and then, my tuxedo cat Panda acts like he can sense when I’m in pain. Today, though, he really showed it. I’m unwell today. So much, that I’m going to spend a good portion of my time laying in my bed. It’s hard for me to “waste” time by napping, so I’m blogging, reading, and watching videos and things.

Well, as soon as I got in bed, Panda jumped up on my chest and sprawled his body out. He bumped my hands and nuzzled my face. Seems like normal behavior for a cat, and it is. But Panda has a schedule of when he likes to be petted. Late morning is not one of those times. For him, it’s early morning.

After he’d spent a few minutes on top of me, he moved off to the side and laid down so his back could be against my side. He’s still laying here. I think it’s so sweet! Having him near and being able to reach down and pet him is an emotional and psychological comfort for me. Studies have shown that owning a pet — cat in this instance for me — can lower blood pressure, regulate the heart rate during stress, lower the risk of heart disease, and help lower stress. Studies also suggest that stroking a pet could help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Owning a cat is considered by many to also be it’s own form of therapy. I certainly agree with the research! Thank God for my precious, little fur friend.

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