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Official Pixia English Website

Pixia is a raster painting program, especially popular in Japan and often used by Anime and Manga artists, developed by Isao Maruoka. The painting program is also popular in several translation, and has dedicated websites for those translations. Pixia features layers, filters, textures, tablet pressure sensitivity, drawing and inking tools, selections, and other expected, useful essential tools for digital painting.

It was my pleasure to redesign Pixia English’s official website for desktop and mobile platforms. As part of this design project, I prepared and placed the associated circular graphics, wrote sections of new English copy, and added new content onto other pre-existing pages from the old website.

Pixia’s English website also features a dedicated page for Maruoka-san’s newest venture: exPhoto – A Program for Image Editing, Retouch, and Graphic Design!

For this volunteer / pro-bono project website production, in more detail, I worked the following:

    • From-scratch, custom, responsive website interface design
    • Clean HTML / CSS / Javascript
    • Production of most visuals: screenshots from application & donation of artwork piece for program highlights. The pre-existing visuals not added during this project were previously provided by Maruoka-san or the website administrator Soldier.
    • Custom text / content writing. Not all text was newly updated.
    • SEO keyword research and placement through website

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    • Tools: Photoshop, Sublime, HTML, CSS, JavaScript