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RealEstateCE: Online Real Estate Continuing Education

RealEstateCE.com changed ownership in March 2019. The following work is listed for example purposes only.

From September 2016 to March 2019, Christina worked full time at RealEstateCE.com, an online real estate continuing education school. During her tenure at RealEstateCE, Christina was challenged by a constantly-changing, plethora of projects. She honed her skills and learned some new ones! While projects and duties varied daily, a simplified list of tasks she handled encompassed the following:

  1. web design (wireframing, coding)
  2. graphic design for digital and print spaces
  3. social media administration and management of the FaceBook and YouTube pages
  4. administration of the WordPress blog
  5. blog copy editing and formatting
  6. coding and placing new coursework into the CMS
  7. video and audio production
  8. strategizing single-handedly and with the team on new marketing campaigns
  9. publishing e-newsletters

Here’s a sketch review of some of the work Christina did while at RealEstateCE:

National Holiday Promos

These national promotional graphics featured 4 sizes and were displayed on RealEstateCE’s social channels (FaceBook, Twitter), blog, and on affiliate’s websites where they listed our promotional graphics. These promos are not valid or active. Click or tap the graphic to bring up the full-size promos. Click or swipe left or right to browse through the promos.

Monthly Promos

These monthly promotionals feature a mix of males/females, ethnicities, and professional to casual apparel to promote inclusion at RealEstateCE.com These monthly promotional graphics featured 4 sizes and were displayed on RealEstateCE’s main e-commerce website and on affiliate’s websites where they displayed our promotional graphics. Only the most popular size is represented here. Click or tap the graphic to bring up the full-size promos. Click or swipe left or right to browse through the promos.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Home Page Profile Creative

These sets of graphics were designed in 4 sizes to accommodate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the home page top image slider. Facebook & home page sizes only are represented here. Click or tap the banners to bring up the full-size graphics. Click or swipe left or right to browse through the banners.

Facebook Content

Christina was tasked with researching and developing custom, interesting content for the Facebook page. In addition to creating graphics, Christina pulled and posted interesting real estate-related content and RealEstateCE videos to the Facebook page. Here’s a sample of the primary types of content Christina developed:

RealEstateCE Course Quote Graphic
“From Our Courses” featured a quote from a RealEstateCE course.
RealEstateCE happy customer review graphic
“Customer Rave” featured a pleased customer quote about a course they took.
RealEstateCE interesting information graphic
“Did You Know?” features a tidbit of interesting and perhaps less-known real estate-related info.
RealEstateCE fun and fascinating real estate related factoid graphic
“The Fun and Fascinating” lists a strange, sometimes funny factoid relating to real estate!
RealEstateCE positive, encouraging quote graphic
“Positive Wisdom” features a quote meant to be encouraging to real estate agents.
RealEstateCE study tip graphic
“Study Right! Study Tip” are tips meant to help RealEstateCE customers with their courses.


These featured flyers are all 8.5×11″ single-sided and were designed for RealEstateCE directly or for our affiliates. Affiliate flyers featured affiliate logos, affiliate URLs, and affiliate branding colors. Click or tap the flyer to bring up the full-size flyer. Click or swipe left or right to browse through the flyers.

Website Wireframes and Iterations

Christina designed numerous wireframes, mockups, and iterations of pages and features on RealEstateCE.xom. The ones featured here are a mixture of final mockups that were used and quite a few designs that were considered but not implemented. Click or tap the mockup to bring up the full-size design. Click or swipe left or right to browse through the mockups.

Various Graphics and Iconography

Various images and iconography cover placement of visuals on numerous pages, including on actual course material to provide status anchors for students.

RealEstateCE Affiliate header graphic featuring several smiling professionals

RealestateCE blue arrow icon RealestateCE blue chain link icon RealestateCE blue paper icon RealestateCE blue star icon

RealestateCE black thumbs up icon RealestateCE black paper icon RealestateCE black dollar bill icon RealestateCE black speech bubble icon RealestateCE black checkmark icon


Christina developed many videos, scripts, and recorded the audio for the videos for RealEstateCE.com. The primary categories are as follows: RealCE Rewards (RCER) marketing videos (affiliate program), course teaser videos (packages and single courses), and license renewal videos. These videos were listed on RealEstateCE.com’s YouTube page and published on Facebook.

Program Overview

Affiliate Link

Rewards Page

License Renewal

Package Course

Single Course

    • Categories: Audio, Branding, Content, Marketing, Print, Video, Websites
    • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, ShotCut Video Editor, Audacity, Facebook, YouTube, Blue Snowball USB Microphone, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Sublime, FileZilla, GitHub