Portfolio artwork of Carol Humble watering plants - for My Parents Taught Me Good Manners series
* Artwork provided by Cathy Prather Russell
* Stories & scripts by Cathy Prather Russell

The Gift Of A Helping Hand: Children’s Audiobook Narrator

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust (GOAHH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to help veterans, the needy, seniors, domestic violence victims, economically-disadvantaged youths, and women and girls through technology. In turn, the tools, education (computer classes, self-sufficiency training, etc, safe transitional housing, and resources GOAHH provides helps lift these groups out of their troubles by empowering them to become independent and renew their lives and spirits.

For this on-going volunteer work, I record, edit, and send completed audio books back from scripts written by Cathy Prather Russell. The audio books revolve around a young girl named Carol Humble and take the listener through her school days. Carol learns about the difficulties, dangers, and challenges of life, while retaining a positive attitude and striving to affect positive change in her community.

Visit The Gift of a Helping Hand to learn about their goals and support them!

These audio books will be posted online for sale. Therefore, the entire audio book may not be posted. Below are the shortened retail samples.

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Carol Humble Series

Carol’s First Volunteer Project

My Parents Taught Me Good Manners & Life Coping Skills

Carol’s Dreams Do Come True Toy Collection Drive

Carol Helps A Classmate Suffering In Silence

Independent Audio Books

I May Be A Child But I Have A Lot Of Questions