Portfolio thumbnail image of The Libertas League, featuring Onyx, Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter, The White Prince, and Mr. Seek

The Libertas League

The Libertas League Characters Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter, Cashlin Snow, The White Prince, and Onyx

The Libertas League

The Libertas League (TLL) is my self-published, ongoing, noir vigilante series, focusing on a group of masked, teenage crime fighters. As the sole producer and developer for everything in this project, many of my skills continue to be utilized. Any involved party/parties are stated where applicable on the proper TLL pages on this website.

This project is quite extensive and always growing. Some of the major pieces are as follows:

  • Web page: coding, design, development of interfaces, content, SEO, etc
  • Promotional artwork and illustrations: covers character profile artwork, book designs, interior artwork, banners, posters, etc
  • Paperback books: All elements, interior and exterior, I design, and with a cohesive whole for the entire series
  • e-books: Custom development, validation, and design by me.
  • Handled self-publishing, copy editor, pitches.
  • Audio books: recording, editing, publishing

Current books are The White Musketeer, A White Powder Kingdom, Healing Crosswalks, Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter, and Soul Seeker. Books and associated artwork, visuals, and project content may be viewed from The Libertas League web page.

Additional Artwork and Visuals

Photo of The White Musketeer printed paperback front and backErik Seeton as The White Musketeer with snow swirlin about himFeatured image of The White Musketeer Kindle ebook coverThe White Prince standing in a snowy forest with snow falling and trees behind him Onyz (Anthony Henderlen) and Stacie Getts (Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter) together Edward Langus as Soul Seeker, nighttime, leaning against a light post, stars behind him

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