Revolutionary Rosanna 24x36

Revolutionary Rosanna Zazzle Poster Quality Review

This article is copyrighted (c) to Christina Roberts. All rights reserved. is an on-demand printing service. They offer private, vanity printing all the way up to public shops where people can make and sell an ever-growing assortment of items from simple postcards and prints to smart phone cases, pillow shams, and clothing.

I’ve used Zazzle’s poster printing on-demand service for several years to print the 24×36″ posters I make. I’ve always been pleased with the printing hue and paper quality, even for their cheapest paper. My latest order, a Revolutionary Rosanna poster featuring Rosanna Hall, came in today. Let’s review!

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Paper  quality

The paper I chose to print my Revolutionary Rosanna: Rosanna Hall poster is Semi-Gloss Poster paper (53 lb, 7.9 point thick). This is one step up from Zazzle’s cheapest, basic poster paper. However, I usually print with their cheapest paper and my posters have always looked great! I currently have another poster I made several years ago framed on my wall and it still looks brand new! When my poster arrived, I was very pleased with the thickness and feel of the paper and the color quality.


A closeup of Rosanna Hall's face
A closeup of Rosanna Hall’s face. Zazzle 24×36″ semi-gloss poster.

As the Semi-Gloss paper name implies, there is a decent shine to the paper. But this isn’t a problem unless you hang the poster in an area where the sun shines on it quite a bit, and at an angle. Least to say, I don’t’ hang my posters where direct sunlight can hit,  so this wasn’t a factor for me.

Hue/Color brightness and saturation

I’m very satisfied with this area, too. You’d expect Zazzle’s basic poster paper, or even their Semi-Gloss Poster paper, to have potential issues with the hue, saturation, and brightness, but this one didn’t! Just remember to save off your posters in CMYK or you may experience a bit of off-color you don’t like. No issues here!


Zazzle poster cardboard packaging.
Zazzle packages posters in a thick corrugated cardboard triangular tube. The poster is rolled inside a large, white sheet. Two foam pieces at both ends inside the package keep the poster secure.

Zazzle used to package posters in round tubes with plastic pop-off caps. Sometime from my last order to this one, they switched to triangular ‘tubes’. Both shipping containers are great! In this instance, the corrugated cardboard package felt thick and durable and had no dents or other issues. Within the tube, for further insulation, Zazzle wrapped my poster inside a piece of blank, white paper a bit bigger than the poster itself. The packing slip was included inside the tube of white paper, too. I was very impressed! My poster had no issues at all; not even a scratch!


Even with shipping, my full order totaled less than $30. But please note: this was because I had a $7 credit in my account, plus added the 15% off discount that was running on Zazzle. Without any discounts, my order still would have totaled less than $40. With the cheapest poster paper, the order would have totaled less than $30. I think that the price either way is well worth it!

Shipping / Printing Speed

Zazzle printed my poster only a few days after I submitted the order. Shipping took only 2 – 3 days. But please note: shipping may take a bit longer if you live farther from their headquarters. I used to live in Washington State and shipping took a couple extra days. Having to wait 2 or so weeks is no problem to me! I felt that Zazzle’s end product was more than worth the wait.


There are quite a few on-demand printing websites out there these days. I’ve always used Zazzle’s poster printing service and there hasn’t been one time when I was not at least satisfied with their quality. Their prices are very fair, their speed good, and their packaging superb! If you’re thinking of getting something vanity-printed, I’d say try them out!

Revolutionary Rosanna semi-gloss poster close-up.
Revolutionary Rosanna semi-gloss poster close-up.
Revolutionary Rosanna semi-gloss poster close-up.
Revolutionary Rosanna semi-gloss poster close-up.
Revolutionary Rosanna semi-gloss poster close-up of Rosanna Hall in a poster frame
Revolutionary Rosanna semi-gloss poster close-up of Rosanna Hall in a poster frame