The Libertas League

We are a group of young people fighting against corruption. We are no respecter of persons, and will utterly crush evil whenever it is, and in whatever form it dares to show its face. We fight, we strive, we ache for this mission.

In hopes that our efforts will not be forgotten, we are each undertaking the time to write our stories.

The Libertas League’s Mission and Values


Fight for what you love or don’t complain when the world you claim to understand crumbles about you and everything you admire, love, and believe in implodes. We’re part of a culture just as imperfect as any other. But something inside us broke. We’re no longer content to sit by and let our societies plunge into corruption, devastation, lack of morals wrought by the nonchalance of a self-absorbed routine.

We are The Libertas League, a group of teenagers dedicated to the uncompromising cause of justice and liberty that is prerequisite of Freedom. We have come together to defend Freedom for the reason that those around us are unable or unwilling to crush the detrimental to reviled to Freedom itself.

Defined, Freedom is being physically able to move, to do as one wishes; without interference of any external control such as regulation, political or national independence; the ability to speak and hold preferred mannerisms, exemptions from overburdened taxation; a privilege, and the power to exercise choice and decisions without restraint.

Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.
– Abraham Lincoln

Color, creed, sexuality, ethnicity, lifestyle, socioeconomic status, physical location: these things do not matter. All people are equal.

Life is only worth living when we are free, safe, and optimistic about the future. How can we truthfully proclaim to own those things when they are slipping through our fingers?

Those who make it their mission to strip others of their Freedom are the targets of The Libertas League. No amount of wealth, power, or influence in any realm, political, corporate or otherwise, shall ever be safe from us. We do not underestimate the ill-will of others seeking to destroy the Freedom we preserve. We will always strike first and harder to save all forms of Freedom in our society. To be free is to be human; to be a slave is to be dead.

So here we are, The Libertas League, a group of teenagers (and a few others) with no other objective than to redeem truth, justice, and preserve freedom for others through the skills, gifts, and talents we possess. Whatever those may be.


What exactly is The Libertas League?
The Libertas League is the collective title of stories loosely related about teenagers and young adults who become crime fighters and vigilantes. In some stories,the characters may meet up and fight crime together. In other stories, they may stand alone in their own cities, with their own problems. All the characters live in the same world and (mostly) same time. Some of their stories and histories are interconnected, but many times, they're not. So read and find out!
What is Mystic Art?
Mystic Art is "magic" that is passed on through a family's DNA. Those that aren't born of a family with Mystic Art cannot "gain it" by study or any other method. The roots of Mystic Art are mysterious, though some scholars of Mystic Art think a celestial deity bequeathed it to certain people thousands of years ago. That would explain how it's a DNA thing, wouldn't it?
Why do family members have different Mystic Art if it's a DNA thing?
Why do kids have different traits than their parents, or even from their grandparents or great-grandparents? There's genetic differences in Mystic Art. Sometimes, the children have similar, or same, Mystic Art as their parents; sometimes not.
Is The Libertas League an official crime-fighting group?
Not entirely. There are only a few members that officially make up the core. The rest of the members aren't actually that enthused to associate themselves with a vigilante group, so they sort of drift in and out.
Does The Libertas League have a leader?
Not officially. If they were a formally-collected group, the leader would probably be The White Musketeer.
Are the characters superheroes or vigilantes or...?
I guess some could be characterized as one or the other. The Mystic Artists would be closer to superheroes and the characters without Mystic Art more like vigilantes. But it wasn't my intention to create a typical-style vigilante series.
Where can I read the stories?
I will be posting parts, or some, of the stories on some online sites. But for the most part, I spend a massive amount of time writing, editing, and publishing the stories. I have to cut off free content somewhere, no?
What formats are the stories available in?
Traditional print paperback, e-book (Kindle, Nook, Kobo), and audio book (some). When the book is completely done, you can find where to buy or read it on it's book page. There's lots of places, like Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook, or audio from this site or YouTube. Take your pick!
Why is the paperback so expensive?
This is, sadly, the nature of print-on-demand. Publishing houses tend to publish bulk amounts, thus dropping print costs. On print-on-demand, the few, or single printed books, cost more. I simply don't have the money to print a bulk amount. I'd still have to pay for shipping after printing! Before you ask if I can lower the paperback price, I can't. At the current paperback cost of the books, I only make maybe $1 per sale! I suggest going for the e-book instead.
How do I read e-books if I don't have an e-reader?
Most phones and tablets have access to free e-reader apps you can download. Kindle even has a free Kindle app for mobile AND desktop computers. You don't need to spend any money on an e-reader to start reading e-books! I will say, though, that e-readers are built for reading and are easier on the eyes.
Are you going to make audio books of all your stories?
Most likely. Whether I make them available online, though, is another matter. I make audio of every book, to help me finish my editing.
If you make audio books available online, will they be free or paid?
Some parts, or a few entirely, will most likely be free. But I may offer some for sale on my website. Making an audio book takes a huge amount of time! I can only offer so much free content. If I sell some of the audio books, they'll be pretty darn cheap though.
Will the audio books be available in places like Audible?
I doubt it. Audible and other audio book sites have high standards for approving audio. I have nice audio equipment to make clear, more-than-legible audio with, but I don't think it's up to their standards. So, I would end up selling the audio books on my site.

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