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Book 2: A White Powder Kingdom

Erik Seeton has saved his cousin Bray and brought peace back to Zoë Dominique. Or so he thought.

The new year has come. Erik, Nate, and Elaine resume their lives the best they can. Gerome Seeton has run off somewhere. Erik hopes he never sees the man again.

Just as normalcy returns, a newcomer barges into the city claiming he is François Beauchamp's descendant. In addition, he claims he is a mythical Mystic Artist hero called The White Prince--the most powerful Mystic Artist, and the only person who can bring the Light back to the world!

He challenges Erik’s legitimacy as a Mystic Artist and throws Zoë Dominique into confusion. But as the newcomer launches mischief against the city, a woman in green enters the mix, casting illusions over the whole city. Who is she? And why are some of her illusions of a city of silver, ice, diamonds, and breathtaking marble?

Erik wants nothing to do with either of them, but the illusions place the whole city in danger. If he doesn't figure out how to stop both of these new players, their violence will only escalate.

The events in A White Powder Kingdom come after The White Musketeer. I suggest you read The White Musketeer first.