Book 1: The White Musketeer

The White Musketeer opens the series and introduces Mystic Art and some of the foundational concepts and ideas that will be explored in subsequent books.

Theres only one thing Erik Seeton wants in his pathetic teenage life: to be left alone to wallow in the superficial miseries of his rejected love. But that's not what destiny has planned for him.

One blisteringly cold December morning, Erik’s friend Nate dares him to find the fabled French musketeer François Beauchamp’s mansion in the woods. No one’s ever seen it and most people think it’s only a myth.

When Erik and Nate actually find The Haunted Mansion, Erik discovers a breathtaking 17th century French rapier and claims it as his own.

However, taking the rapier awakens Mystic Art, a powerful form of magic passed down through DNA, thrusting Erik into the heart of millenniums of strife and the ongoing war between two forgotten brothers.

At first, Erik thinks he’s the victim of circumstance. But he’s quick to realize his friends and family are the ones in peril if he doesn’t accept the magic forced upon him. Erik must confront and defeat an unleashed evil set on destroying the things he holds dear.

Cover art by Nicole Potter. Cover design by Christina Roberts.


Age 13+


Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The second book in The Libertas League Series! Currently in the final stages of publication. Book will be available in ebook and paperback format on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and Kobo. Sign up to my newsletter to keep in the know about A White Powder Kingdom!

Book 2: A White Powder Kingdom

Erik Seeton has saved his cousin Bray and brought peace back to Zoë Dominique. Or so he thought.

The new year has come. Erik, Nate, and Elaine resume their lives the best they can. Gerome Seeton has run off somewhere. Erik hopes he never sees the man again.

Just as normalcy returns, a newcomer barges into the city claiming he is François Beauchamp's descendant. In addition, he claims he is a mythical Mystic Artist hero called The White Prince--the most powerful Mystic Artist that will ever live--and the only person who can bring the Light back to the world and save Prince Vartan and Vitalonia from a second, tragic destruction!

He challenges Erik’s legitimacy as a Mystic Artist and throws Zoë Dominique into confusion. But as the newcomer launches mischief against the city, a woman in green enters the mix, casting illusions over the whole city. Who is she? And why are some of her illusions of a city of silver, ice, diamonds, and breathtaking marble?

Erik wants nothing to do with either of them, but the illusions place the whole city in danger. If he doesn't figure out how to stop both of these new players, their violence will only escalate.

The events in A White Powder Kingdom come after The White Musketeer. I suggest you read The White Musketeer first.

Currently in writing! Book will be available in ebook and paperback format on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and Kobo. Sign up to my newsletter to keep in the know about The Ruby Rose!

Book 3: The Ruby Rose

Long ago, a beautiful country called Vitalonia flourished. It was one of the four great Classic Period kingdoms. The kingdom had everything in abundance, except love. For, thousands of years ago, the emotion of romantic love didn't exist.

Prince Vartan of Vitalonia had ruled but a few years before Princess Leyla, of the suffering kingdom of Anderdaine, came to beg his aid. The prince was always ready to help, but his counsel said he had to wed her for them to send aid. Everything was set and the marriage was soon to take place, but then Prince Vartan happened to meet a young palace maiden, a commoner gardener named Imogen. She loved flowers and tended to them with tenderness that touched him deeply. He grew curious about her and they quickly became friends, and then more.

The tenderness they shared transformed into something new, something unknown, something that bloomed for the first time in Prince Vartan's heart. As the prince could cause roses to grow and bloom, he reached forth and touched a rose and it turned red. This was the first red rose that had ever existed. What he'd felt for the first time was romantic love, and that love had turned the rose red.

Prince Vartan decided he couldn't marry anyone but her. But Princess Leyla, having witnessed their love, grew wrathful with jealousy and desperate for her ailing country. As a Mystic Artist herself, she could control vines and weeds. She caused thousands of thorny vines to rise up and choke Vitalonia.

As she ascended on Prince Vartan and his love, Imogen grabbed Prince Vartan's rose and pierced it into his heart. She begged his forgiveness and ripped it out of him. The rose turned into ruby and the stem of emerald. Imogen had taken her love's soul into the rose. Weeping, she entrusted all her energy into it to stop Princess Leyla. The rose was filled with their love, and that love cast Princess Leyla and the rose into The Void, a black dimension of nothing.

There was nothing left of Vitalonia when the crisis ended. Imogen and Prince Vartan were both gone, as well. Where they went, no one knows. Vitalonia never recovered, but love had permanently entered into the hearts of every creature on earth. Was such a sacrifice worth such a gift?

That's one of the repeated questions Niles Silva Elzey has to listen to in class. He doesn't think one way or another, except the Vitalonia story is an interesting, moral myth. A simple, optimistic person, he spends a good amount of his spare time as the college gardener tending to the hundreds of lovely flowers, plants, and roses. He often sees the plaque in the rose garden about Prince Vartan and his mythical sacrifice. Only, one morning, Niles notices something sparkly and red showing on the plaque. The dull, metal tip of the rose has been chipped away, and a dazzling red color is sparkling beneath!

Curious, he goes up and touches the red. The entirety of the metal cracks and reveals a rose made of ruby with an emerald stem! Niles decides to tell a campus staff member, but the rose levitates right in front of him! Then, it plunges down right into his chest! It's a fateful moment for Niles that sets in motion the continuation of those fateful years so long ago.

Book 4: Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter.

Stacie Getts never lets anyone push her around. The primary offender is her father. He thought he could send her off to an old-fashioned all-girls boarding school. That didn't work. Over the years, as her father tried to make her do things she didn't want to do, Stacie grew up more strong-headed, bold, and rebellious almost to an insufferable, dangerous degree. Growing up, Stacie took shooting lessons, archery, and for kicks, taught herself how to use a whip. Her rage fueled her energy and she burned it out with aerobics and track.

She defied her father so much, that she started disguising herself when she went out so no one would recognize her. That's what it's like being the daughter of the major of Equinox.

Then, Stacie overheard her father discussing something about human trafficking one afternoon. Curious, she dared break into his home office and look through his files. Her father is the head of a Mystic Artist human trafficking ring!

That was the last straw. Stacie vowed she would hunt her father down, uncover his dirty secrets, and completely destroy him. She donned a mask and took to the rooftops and city streets whipping her father's underlings, busting up their rendezvous points.

Her father never suspected it was her. No one did, except her best friend, Andy Henderlen. She always stuck up for him. He was "different", if being born intersexual was a different thing others could make fun of. Stacie was the best friend he could have, and he was the best friend she could have. The only problem is when Andy figured out she was Sapphire and confronted her. He wanted to help, but she said no.

Only, Stacie got so wrapped up in her hunt, that she failed Andy. He was suffering, having just lost both his parents in a car accident, and she couldn't make time to be there for him. Well, Stacie gets a harsh wake-up call when Andy  falls into the hands of her father's henchmen. Now she has to decide whether to give up her seething rage at her father to save her friend, or let him die.

Book 5: Soul Seeker

Edward Langus was an ill-content vagrant. He hated his soul, longed for death, and mocked those who claimed life had a purpose. Confused, resentful, he hired himself out to hunt down and kill people for his employers. Though he wandered far, no amount of killing satisfied his longing to end everything.

When Edward finally fell ill and died, he thought his meaningless suffering was at last over. He was relieved. But becoming nothing was not to be for him. Those he'd killed cried out for justice. Their pleas were answered and Edward was cursed to wander the earth, redeeming hopeless souls, existing as a strange, immortal being.

Edward became a wanderer with no home, no identity, and no promise that his cursed existence would ever end. With his soul a slave to the souls of others, Edward became bitter and hopeless. But as he walks to and fro, he begins to ponder his life and his decisions. He starts to look about him and considers that there must be truths he overlooked. And, as he touches the grieving or saddened souls of others and brings them hope, Edward feels things he never thought he would.

However, Edward's infamous reputation catches up with him. Just as he starts to accept his new burden, a dark, supernatural evil from his past lunges forth to exploit Edward's abilities for themselves. With no understanding of what he's capable of, or how to properly protect himself, now that he's an immortal being, Edward has to protect himself and a young boy he's befriended.

Cover art by Michael Dillon. Cover design by Christina Roberts.