Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter cover art book design

Book 4: Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter

Choose your priorities wisely. Do you value your personal grievances over everything else?

Stacie Getts never lets anyone push her around. The primary offender is her father. He thought he could send her off to an old-fashioned all-girls boarding school. That didn't work. Over the years, as her father tried to make her do things she didn't want to do, Stacie grew up more strong-headed, bold, and rebellious almost to an insufferable, dangerous degree. Growing up, Stacie took shooting lessons, archery, and for kicks, taught herself how to use a whip. Her rage fueled her energy and she burned it out with aerobics and track.

She defied her father so much, that she started disguising herself when she went out so no one would recognize her. That's what it's like being the daughter of the major of Equinox.

Then, Stacie overheard her father discussing something about human trafficking one afternoon. Curious, she dared break into his home office and look through his files. Her father is the head of a Mystic Artist human trafficking ring!

That was the last straw. Stacie vowed she would hunt her father down, uncover his dirty secrets, and completely destroy him. She donned a mask and took to the rooftops and city streets whipping her father's underlings, busting up their rendezvous points.

Her father never suspected it was her. No one did, except her best friend, Andy Henderlen. She always stuck up for him. He was "different", if being born intersexual was a different thing others could make fun of. Stacie was the best friend he could have, and he was the best friend she could have. The only problem is when Andy figured out she was Sapphire and confronted her. He wanted to help, but she said no.

Only, Stacie got so wrapped up in her hunt, that she failed Andy. He was suffering, having just lost both his parents in a car accident, and she couldn't make time to be there for him. Well, Stacie gets a harsh wake-up call when Andy  falls into the hands of her father's henchmen. Now she has to decide whether to give up her seething rage at her father to save her friend, or let him die.