Soul Seeker book cover art

Book 5: Soul Seeker

The hundreds of people you killed demand justice. Now you will pay pay them back a thousand times a thousand.

Edward Langus was an ill-content vagrant. He hated his soul, longed for death, and mocked those who claimed life had a purpose. Confused, resentful, he hired himself out to hunt down and kill people for his employers. Though he wandered far, no amount of killing satisfied his longing to end everything.

When Edward finally fell ill and died, he thought his meaningless suffering was at last over. He was relieved. But becoming nothing was not to be for him. Those he'd killed cried out for justice. Their pleas were answered and Edward was cursed to wander the earth, redeeming hopeless souls, existing as a strange, immortal being.

Edward became a wanderer with no home, no identity, and no promise that his cursed existence would ever end. With his soul a slave to the souls of others, Edward became bitter and hopeless. But as he walks to and fro, he begins to ponder his life and his decisions. He starts to look about him and considers that there must be truths he overlooked. And, as he touches the grieving or saddened souls of others and brings them hope, Edward feels things he never thought he would.

However, Edward's infamous reputation catches up with him. Just as he starts to accept his new burden, a dark, supernatural evil from his past lunges forth to exploit Edward's abilities for themselves. With no understanding of what he's capable of, or how to properly protect himself, now that he's an immortal being, Edward has to protect himself and a young boy he's befriended.

Cover art by Michael Dillon. Cover design by Christina Roberts.