Edward Langus

Hating life, Edward hired himself out to kill for profit. When he died, the hundreds of people he murdered demanded justice. He was sent to earth to heal people's souls.

Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter

Stacie's hot temper and professional shooting skills make her a force to reckon with. However, she gets her best friend killed. What's more important to her: her goal or her friendS?


Andy's shame and then rejection as an intersexual person sent him spiraling into a broken rage. Only after he barely survived, did he turn over a new leaf to fight for himself and for others.


Valentine has the power to heal others. He gets around his weak body by high spirits and a strong determination to do good. He uses no alias and heals everyone he can.

The White Musketeer (aka Erik Seeton)

The White Musketeer

Erik Seeton went from average teenager to swashbuckling hero overnight. Though it was hard, he came to terms with his new power and keeps a tight watch over Zoe Dominique.

Gangster Boss Lilac Lexis

Lilac Lexis

Gangster, handsome, charming, on top of the world - then he suffered a reality check and realized he had to change his ways.

The Ruby Rose Prince - Prince Vartan (aka Niles Silva)

Niles Silva

The past came in the form of a rose, and when Niles picked it up, it transformed him into Prince Vartan of Vitalonia. Turns out he's destined to either relive his devastating past, or overcome and revive a once magnificent kingdom.

Darian Maxian

He's not a reincarnation of a past prince, but the descendant of the royal family of Vlamira, land of the vampires. Only, Darian had no idea he was a vampire, or a prince, until his aunt force-feeds him blood.

Mr. Seek

Hayln always seeks wrongs to right. He was born blind and when his mother died, she gifted her eyes to him. So he often finds wonder in even the simplest things that people take for granted.

Alac McAthea

Michael was a fat, bullied highschooler. But anyone who's anybody owns an Automation; and since he was so smart, he decided to earn respect by making his own. But one freak accident literally merges him with his own Automation!

Wendy Lane

Over a thousand years old, she rides the winds in search of her soulmate. Her pride cursed her. She thought herself too good to marry. But fate is cruel when her soul mate turns out to be a murderous thug.

Woods Delanus

Jason was responsible for the death of his parents. His shameless denial angered The Female Judge and she cursed him to live a double life: as a bodyguard for a spoiled singer by night, and himself by day.

Jaxton Palmer (Alosl Aquil)

Jaxton was a self-involved, arrogant young airline pilot. One day, he crashed in a pond, and when he swam out of his sunken jet to the surface, found himself in an alien world! The aliens called him Alosl Aquil, the sun god who will protect them from the foretold ending of their planet. But is being a god all it's cut out to be?

Cashlin Snow

Elaine McBeth had watched Erik and then other female crimefighters doing amazing things for too long. She wanted to do something good for justice, too! Cashlin Snow is first and foremost her music stage name, but Elaine starts using it for fighting crime, too.

Ellis Blakeney (The Cosplayer Musician)

He was a Revolutionary War soldier who was captured and thrown aboard a British prison ship. The ship was sabatoged and sunk, be he made it to shore, only to find himself in the modern world! With an abundance of music gifts, he became a musician that took on a persona of a Revolutionary War soldier.

Diamond Hands

A nameless orphan boy who can crush rock and turn it into diamonds. As such, he's sought after by evil, dangerous groups, and ends up the middle of a horrific clash between Mystic Artists and non-artists.

The Game Defender

A Mystic Artist who can jump in an out of games. He uses his abilities to find unstable players who need help and he tries to convince them from doing harm to themselves or others.


Hundreds of years ago, he lived a ruthless, evil life. When he died, he was too evil to go to heaven, and he managed to avoid hell. He eventually found a host body and went seeking the black diamond, which would grant him permanent ownership of his body. But the woman he fell in love with changed him...


Jason's parents were both cops, and both were killed by the same gang. He almost killed himself from grief, but Ms. Sapphire Sharpshooter wouldn't let him. After many struggles and pain, Jason followed in her footsteps to fight for justice.

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