Each of us in The Libertas League may represent and fight as a member of the League, but we usually stay in the cities we live in and fight independently of each other. Actually, I don’t know about the other members, but I can’t be inconvenienced to waste my time helping them. I have enough going on here! – Miss Sharpshooter

A landscape of broad two-story buildings with a very mild climate. A capital for business and politics. The city prides itself on its excessive cleanliness and contemporary minimalism.

Hot, flat, light-colored buildings. A hubbub for celebrities of most types, even some international ones. Dance scene. And all the drugs and filth that come along with it.

Thousands of trees color the city like fire in autumn, so the name reflects. An upper-middle class suburbia thriving on tourism throughout the year. The city also boasts one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Post Haste
The city of animals, because Post Haste is the epicenter of education and animal care. The primary source of city economy is now, oddly enough, luxury pastries and chocolates that are exported internationally. But, as expected, the largest concentration of animal shelters and animal services are here.

Mini Shy
The suburbs of Sunrise Shy are for rich people who snub the main section of the city. Some business corporations reside in this suburb, keeping the rich folks even more cloistered from the main part of town.

Silver City
A hundred years ago, large quantities of silver was found in the surrounding hills. Today, as the silver all mined, the city juggles numerous sectors of food manufacturing.

Sunrise Shy
A typical mediocre town of some few hundred thousand people that are trying to make a name in something… they don’t know what yet.

Sway Station City
A historically rail/train city, built in the spirit of the West when trains were the kings of commerce, of personal transportation, and communication. In the old west, this city was a go-between for travel. Trains from all over the country stopped here. Now it’s a freight port city of national commerce. The historic rails remain, with the country’s largest train museum.

Techno Townvilla High
Capital city for Vita Engineering and an academia portal with a large university in which students all over the world come to study.

Zoe Dominique
The “Winter City”, sitting up high on a snowy mountain, in a valley in the mountainside.  The largest economy is lumber harvested and exported via train and freighter. On all sides, forests stand high, broken only by The River of Aime: King’s Woods, Francois Forest, and Crow’s Woods. The city’s heritage lies with French myth. It’s said that a French musketeer named Francois Beauchamp hid in The Haunted Woods when he fled from France in pursuit of his brother. Zoe Dominique is also the home to The White Musketeer, the co-founder of The Libertas League and an Elemental Mystic Artist.

The weather is overly mild, the winter’s long and snowy, and the young people impatient to “leave this boring icicle to someplace warm”. The city was named after the mythical French musketeer’s Francois Beauchamp’s wife Zoe and graced with her belief in God. The literal interpretation of the name means “Life of the Lord”.