Only terms listed in published Libertas League books are listed here. All terms, even common ones, are written specifically for The Libertas League story setting context.

The terms created and directly relating to the stories published for The Libertas League are the intellectual property of the author (Christina Roberts) and may not be adapted, reused, redistributed, or claimed for any purpose. Common terms are public domain.


Anderdaine: An ancient civilization of great renown, existing in modern times as a second-world country.

Antoinette Avenue: The street in Protege Estates within Zoe Dominique where Bray Stard lives.

Arland: A civilization of old that came from Anderdaine. They exist in modern times as a second-world country.

Autumn Amber's: A small restaurant in Equinox in which Bar likes to frequent.

Billet-doux Street: Literally, a love letter; the street in Protege Estates within Zoe Dominique where Elaine McBeth lives.

Burning Bridge, The: A long, old railroad bridge in Zoe Dominique. It is no longer used, as it is a city landmark. From age, it has turned dark brown and is rusted in many places.

Charlemagne Tower: A Gothic-style tower built in Uptown Zoe Dominique near d'Orlease of pure stone and cement, featuring gargoyle reliefs and statues.

Crow's Woods: The western woods surrounding Zoe Dominique, named such for the large families of crows within.

Devastation Dimension: A dimension of swirling black and red with no sky or ground, where people's souls are trapped who give up their lives in some sacrificial manner. Once in this dimension, one can never leave.

Divine Space, The: A supposedly celestial place perhaps located in some physical state in space. It is rumored to be The Female Judge's primary courtroom. This is all supposition though.

Docker High School: A modern high school in Equinox, named after one of the city's founders. He was passionate about keeping the city clean. It's because of him that thousands of trees were planted which aided the city's reputation as the Forever Autumn City.

d’Orleanse: A trendy, expensive clothing store located in the upper floor of Uptown Zoe Dominique’s popular shopping center.

Edouard Public Library: An old library in Zoe Dominique with High Renaissance-style architecture.

Enticed by Organic: A large, one-story, preppy grocery store in Equinox with only organic foods. Many people come to see and eat the delicious foods.

Equinox City University: The main, liberal arts university in Equinox with an expected variety of 4- to 8-year degree options.

Equinox Gold Silt Research Institute: A university in Equinox which focuses on the study and research of rock sciences. It has a state-of-the-art public exhibit of minerals, semi-precious gemstones, and precious gems and metals. Andy's father was a professor and mineralogist there for several years.

Equinox Liberty Tower: A tall tower in Equinox in which Mr. Win, notorious gang leader, made his escape from via helicopter.

Equinox Heritage Library: A six-story, square-shaped glass building in Equinox with stainless steel rails, dark gray cement stairs, dozens of computer consoles, self-checkout facilities, plush chairs and study desks, a cafe, and a large parking lot.

Falling Leaf Public High school: The high school in Equinox in which Andy and Stacie attend.

The French Lily Apartments: The apartment complex Bar, Andy, and his sisters Amber and Avarine reside in whenever they stay in Zoe Dominique.

The Haunted Woods: Also called Francois Forest. The northern words surrounding Zoe Dominique where The Haunted Mansion was supposed to have been.

The Golden Pond: A huge tourist park in Equinox created for the sole purpose attracting people. The thousands of trees burst aflame in the fall, bringing dozens of vendors with booths during the season. Renaissance sculptures and informational plaques keep the travelers entertained. There's even a couple ponds with large fish and a few large animal habitats where twelve cats live in luxurious paradise.

Golden Hill: A large hill that overlooks Equinox. Resorts and high-end hotels sit atop it.

Harvest Hall For the Performing Arts: A huge, modern performance hall in central Equinox, built to room eight thousand people. Many musicians of all kinds, contemporary and classic, perform here.

King's Woods: The southern woods surrounding Zoe Dominique, named after King Louis XII.

Labyrinth, The: A void where evil is cast. It is said that no evil can escape, but it has been proven otherwise.

Jason's: A trendy clothing store located in the upper floor of Uptown Zoe Dominique’s popular shopping center.

Juncture Spas: Asian-imitation spas in Equinox, with an American twist. They're divided by a large marble wall for male and female, with the same large walls hiding them from outsider eyes. There's drinks, snacks, wide-screen TVs, and workout equipment in and around the indoor spas, which are set high up on a hill overlooking the city.

le Bien-Aimé: A Greek-style museum, named after King Louis XV, nested next to Musketeer Gardens in Zoe Dominique.

The Modern Mall: For its name, this is Equinox's main four-story mall which is made of stainless steel, marble, and dark oak wood.

The Modern Musketeer School: A girls-only private school in Zoe Dominique. Stacie's father enrolled her there, but she ran off before she even arrived at the gates.

Morning Sunset Hotel: Located atop the Golden Hill in Equinox, this fancy 4-star hotel is where Keys and his men hide out. It's known to be a popular spot for gangsters in general.

Musketeer Gardens: A large garden kept up year round in Zoe Dominique, in honor of the French Musketeers.

Mousquet Street (Musket Street): The street in Protege Estates within Zoe Dominique where Nate Dimitrious lives.

The Pelican Bridal Shop: A classy, niche bridal shop in Equinox, on the ground level of an apartment complex, between 34th Street and Mason's. Stacie secretly goes there from time to time to look at bridal gowns.

Protégé Estates: The upscale neighborhood in Zoe Dominique in which Erik Seeton, Elaine McBeth, Nate Dimitrious, and Bray Stard live.

Red Maple Apartments: The apartment complex in Equinox in which Amelia Getts lived.

River of Aimé: Also called Musketeer River. The main river running alongside Zoe Dominique. Seeton Lumber Mills' main export method.

Seeton Lumber Mills: Gerome Seeton's highly successful lumber harvesting company in Zoe Dominique.

Simply Truffles: Elaine McBeth's father's gourmet chocolate shop in Uptown Zoe Dominique.

Sha Sha: A modern dance studio in Downtown Zoe Dominique where Elaine takes dance lessons.

Soirée Street:  Literally, an elegant party. The street in Protege Estates within Zoe Dominique where Augusta lives when she visits.

The Strip Mall. A play-on-words title, as this isn't a strip shopping mall at all, but a high-class, expensive, strip club. The theme is noir. All the women dress as high-end 20s models and the men in fedoras and striped gangster suits. There's even fake guns and other props. Keys and his men like to hang out here.

Sun Sign Enterprises: A graphic design and printing firm next to Charlemagne Tower.

The Treasured Friendship Church: Non-denominational church in Equinox. Built very modern, square. Three stories. Between the large suburbia and business center in the city.

Uptown Westside Ball Room: The expensive, rich building rented in Zoe Dominique for the Christmas Ball.

Vanguard, The: An online newspaper with a brick-and-mortar office in Equinox.

Veil of Night: A pit of blackness in which evil or cursed souls are cast indefinitely. The only way out is to die (which is not allowed here), to be released by an external party, or for a celestial catastrophe to accidentally free the cursed person.

Vita Engineering: An engineering firm located in Zoe Dominique. The spin-off term Vita translates to "short-lived engineering feats constantly replaced by better engineering breakthroughs".

Void of Judging, The: A white void of space with no ground or sky. It just "is".

Zoe Daily News: Zoe Dominique's most prestigious news paper syndicate.

Zoe Dominique: The Winter City where The White Musketeer lives. Zoe Dominique is located halfway up a snowy mountain, within a valley crater high in the mountain.

Zoe Dominique Community College: The local college Erik attends. Augusta briefly taught Classic Period history there, too.

Zoe Private High: The private, upscale school in which Erik Seeton, Natee Dimitrious, and Elaine McBeth attended. Bray Stard burned it down.

Automation: A computer packaged in a highly technologically-advanced, realistic humanoid body. Automations are expensive, personal android assistants for humans, who are convincingly humanlike in design. The typical price for an Automation is $100,000. They are factory-built off of a dozen assembly molds, thus mass-producing a set differing on price by attribute, operating system, and processor complexity. Automations are a sensation that are supposed to make human life easier by performing most tasks humans have no time, or desire, to perform themselves.

Distance: A movie Maria Crandel invited Andy to watch with her.

é•pée: A fencing sword commonly learned after the foil. It is less flexible and hits harder, sporting a rubber tip at the point.

Fleur-di-lis: A white diamond crest commonly (but not exclusively) referring to the lily. It holds strong religious symbolism of the Trinity and the Virgin Mary. Through the ages, the fleur-di-lis has been applied to numerous religious icons; in 1200 A.T.F. (After the Fall) onward, it was adapted by the French Monarchy as the Musketeer's and King's symbol.

Foil: A fencing sword new students commonly learn first for swordfighting. It's light weight, flexible with a rubber point at the end, and has a basic hilt.

The Libertas (Lee-bur-tas) League: A group of crime fighters founded by The White Musketeer and Miss Sapphire Sharpshooter.

Lil / Lis / Lilie: Refers to the lily flower.

Musketeers: Commonly called "The King's Guards", the Musketeers were a group of trained men (often of low-ranking nobility) that existed from the 1400s, but not in the classical style of the 1630s. They were reformed in the early 1630s as King Louis XIII's personal police force, whose mission was solely to protect him from all harm.

Onyx. Mohls hardness scale: 7. A mineral with a crypto-crystalline structure, made up of so many minute crystals that even under a microscope, the crystalline nature is only vaguely revealed. Also, onyx is composed of so many thin sediment slices and textures that it’s nearly impossible to decipher them all.

Rapier: A light-weight, narrow-bladed French fencing sword developed in the 16th century. It is best used for thrusting and slashing, not cutting.

Sabre: The third and most advanced fencing sword. It is heavier than the foil and é•pée, does not bend, and is best used as a slicing weapon.

Savate: The French form of mixed kickboxing, kick-punching, and boxing; it is a formalized variation of French street fighting, with stages of skill depicted through glove color. Only kick-contact is allowed. No knee or shin contact.

Sheath: A black, brown suede, or leather set of straps that hang at the left size of the waist, tied to the ring belt with leather cords where a sword is placed.

Tabbard: A dark blue cotton and/or long velvet, open tunic lined with matching satin. A tabard consists of a long flap in the front and shoulder-slashed, open sleeves. It has a large white fleur-di-lis across the front and sleeves and was the main piece of clothing for a Musketeer.

Wild Winter Wonderland Festival: An annual music competition in Zoe Dominique that happens ever mid January. This is a great event  for musical talents to use to get noticed by label companies.

The Whitewasher: A supposedly fictional, fedora-clad comic book character Stacie Getts likes to read.

Gynecomastia: Abnormally large mammary glands.

Hermaphrodite: Also intersexual (the less offensive term). A term referring to organisms with both male and female attributes. It is to refer in this context to a human with opposite sex attributes (males with a chest, females with male properties), or internal sexual attributes pertaining to the body. The term hermaphrodite is often misleading and stigmatizing, even discriminatory, as well as clinically problematic. Intersexual may be a more accurate term.

Hypogonatism. Low testosterone levels. Can cause low sexual desire, poor sleep, difficulty concentrating, shyness, anxiety, dry skin, irritability, and depression.

Lacerate: To smash, slice, dash, cut, etc. Sometimes associated with the female gender.

Massacre, The: A time before The Classic Time in which people who could use Mystic Art butchered, enslaved, and raped others who could not. It was a dark time that was abruptly ended by intervening of The Female Judge.

Mystic Artist: A person who can use a certain type of magic in a limited sense. These are a few types of Mystic Artists:

  • Elemental Mystic Artist
  • Healing Mystic Artist
  • Hex Mystic Artist
  • Alchamental Mystic Artist
  • Creation Mystic Artist
  • Amplification Mystic Artist

Sheathe: To place, or take out a sword from the sheath. Pronounced the same as sheath.

Soul Seal: A set of seals burned into a person's soul that enables the carrier to give hope to the souls of those they come into contact with. This ability is often perceived as a curse and can only be given, as far as is known, by The Female Judge. Currently, the only carrier of this seal is Soul Seeker.

Vita: A short account of a person's life.