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DREAMS: Star Wars Relationship & The Cheap House

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The dream I had last night was actually 2 different dreams.

First Dream

The first one was there was a young woman — I can’t tell if it was me or not — and she was in a relationship with an officer in the Empire from Star Wars. She sympathized with the rebels’s point of view and the officer, of course, with the Empire. But she wasn’t actually in the rebellion. The two were deeply in love and she even helped the officer pass some tests he needed in order to secure his position on the Death Star. But when they talked about the Empire’s long-handedness, he referred to it as “security and safety” and she referred to it as “taking away freedom”. Eventually, though it pained her, she told him they should probably end their relationship, as that issue was so crucial to her, she wasn’t able to get past it. She wept about it. That was the end of that dream.

In every relationship, there’s a very few things the two absolutely don’t agree on (called “deal breakers”). Perhaps this is an inner fear coming out that something like that will come up in my marriage. But I intend to work everything out. The Star Wars aspect is interesting, but probably came up because my father was watching Rogue One last night.

Second Dream

The second dream I had was my family and I were living in a small, new house, like we do now; but the house wasn’t the same house as the one we’re in. Something was wrong with it, though what that was, didn’t come out in the dream. However, it was bad enough that we called some sort of maintenance man to come out. When the old man arrived, we had emptied the entire house already of all furnishings.

When he came in and asked, “is this the house?” we said yes. He sort of chuckled and commented, “I wasn’t sure. Is it a manufactured house?’ My dad said no, but added, “Oh, you thought it was because it has that kind of a look?” The old gentleman chuckled again and said, “Yes. It’s sort of, eh, cheap, isn’t it?” My parents admitted the house was. We all then collectively looked out at the living room which had a strange but interesting ceiling and cubicles in various places on the walls. The ceiling was triangular in areas and square in others and seemed quite uneven, but, overall, it was rather pretty. There was also a built-in shelf area in the living room and it had columns of some sort on both sides of it. But the columns looked to be nicked. We went over and I asked, “Why’s it like this? It’s chipping.” Mom said, “Yes. It was unfinished.” I thought, why’d they let this part go unfinished in the house? But I didn’t make any remark.

I can only assume this second dream has something to do with me marrying and moving away in April. I’ll be living in an older, little home that seems to be in decent condition, but perhaps I have subconscious worries that the insulation or heating won’t be very good… or I won’t be able to tolerate something else about it… I intend to try to be as flexible, generally, as I can, though.