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DREAM: Van rolled back in a dirty puddle

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In this dream, I was in my white Nissan Versa and I was taking myself and my fiance home. But I wasn’t sure just where I was going, despite using maps on my phone. I was frustrated and I kept driving too fast and erratically, then quickly stopping. Once, in a busy 4-way intersection, with many lanes going one way, the traffic was congested and would stop quickly. I slammed on my brakes so bad, my car flew through the air and landed sideways between two other cars, leaving my car in tact. I witnessed a man in his car do a similar thing, except he wove around cars and stopped sideways in front of them, then resumed driving.

The heart-pounding experience just made me more angry. Then, randomly, I and my fiance were in a mall-type place walking around. I lost him somewhere and found him again in a fast-food type area in the mall. I think it was a pizza place, but not sure.

Then, again, we were in my car. I was put out, so I finally used my proper GPS device instead of my phone. Once, I took a wrong turn and my fiance said, “This isn’t the right road — it’s up there!’ The road I went on was overgrown with grass and gravel. So I wrenched the wheel to the left and forced my car up the hill through the grass to the road, and succeeded!

On we went. I asked him if he was going to eat some chicken dish for lunch when he got back to his parents’ house, which was 3 hours away from my drop-off point. Yes, he said, and smiled. I remarked, ” E, that dish isn’t that good and you don’t like it, either.”  To that, he nodded and laughed a little and agreed. I was thinking, even in my dream, how is he going to drive that distance in only 3 hours? Apparently, I was living in WA State somewhere and he was gong to spend only 3 hours driving from there down to LA county.

On the way, I suddenly needed a vitamin to help me focus. Not sure of which one I did need, I still turned in to a Life Extension partner and went in. The people were pleased to see me and tried to sell me a lot of vitamins. I was nice and let them show me all sorts of things, but I said I lived in TN and I always went online to buy their vitamins. Nevertheless, the lady in charge had me fill out some customer info forms. I apologized to my fiance more than once for how long all this was taking. Eventually, I finished and we left and the lady said they’d hold onto my info.

After some time, he said, “Drop me off here.” So I did so and we said we loved each other and exchanged a little kiss and he left. I continued on and I guess I got home, for the next thing I knew, I was home and my whole family was preparing for church. The house we lived in was two-story, but it wasn’t any house we’d lived in before. It had medium, yellow-painted walls and medium wood for stair rails and other things. Overall, it had an ugly 1970s look to me.

Not that my clothing was any better. I wore one of my above-the-knee black dresses but I put on blood-red leggings and ankle-high, flat leather boots. Moody, I got in the van with my family and we went to where I assume our church was. Our van was an early 1990s Chrysler Voyager, like the one we had years ago, except this one had a lot of wood-tinted trim and was a golden/brown tone.

At service, the music pastor put on a play. I was so bored, that I struggled to keep my eyes open. Instead, I browsed the internet on on my phone. The congregation were sitting in plastic chairs. However, on the other side of the large room, my fiance was back with me and we were sitting on a long, soft couch. After the play, two of the actors got up to sing and play a song. We had to turn around and peer over the top of the couch to watch, so only our hair and eyes showed. My fiance randomly state aloud that he was a musician and, perhaps, I was a singer. I was mad and told him to hush. But he insisted, yet I didn’t move.

After all that, my fiance was gone again. That seemed normal. I wanted to take my boots and leggings off, therefore I went out to the parking lot and opened the van door to do so. After removing the articles of clothing, the van suddenly rolled quickly backwards, picked up unreal speed, flew through the air, and landed upside down in a nasty, nearly black puddle of filthy water. Then it went further down the hill, past a chain link fence, and into some weedy, dead grass type marsh.

I remarked, “My parents never park the van right or this wouldn’t have happened!”

So I went down the hill, barefoot, carefully watching my step, angry to have to do this. Eventually, I reached the nearly black puddle marsh. It was only a couple feet wide. I reached in down nearly to my elbows and picked out my boots, leggings, purse, and a picture with a frame and back mounting. The picture seemed to be in decent condition. It was a pencil piece with shading, but now I can’t recall what it was. With a sigh of relief that it was still in decent condition, I took the items back up the hill to the van–which was parked again in the spot! There, I deposited the items, put my boots and leggings on, and left. Apparently, my boots and leggings were dry again.

This dream I’m not entirely sure about. I’ve had other dreams about driving erratically when I’m not sure where I am. Of course, I don’t drive like this. I think this part is an embedded fear of me getting lost. The parts about my family preparing and going to church may be because we still go around getting ourselves ready in that type of fashion; but the van is because, when I was little, we owned a golden Voyager. The other parts are quite strange and I’m not sure how to interpret them. It seems there was an overall feeling of going, arriving, and finding my way back. I used to drive 3 – 4 hours one way to visit my then-boyfriend, and he me, so that might be what was going on there. But besides that, I’m not sure.