Christina Roberts

Voice Over Actor.

Christina Roberts Portrait

Christina grew up in Washington State. She holds a B.A. in Creative Media and Digital Culture from Washington State University's Digital Technology and Culture program, with an emphasis on web design. During her mid-teen years, she opened a web design business and provided sundry web-related services for almost 10 years. After watching The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Christina became serious about improving her creative writing skills. In late 2015, Christina moved to Tennessee and with her beautiful long-hair tuxedo cat, Panda, and her family. In April 2019, Christina got married and moved all her worldly possessions (cat included) to Wisconsin. Currently, Christina is focusing on her writing, voice acting, and maintaining web design services for a core circle of clients. Please scroll down for more information about Christina's digital spaces.

Producer, The Unexplored Cosmos - Received voice work
Fantastic voice actor! She can deliver lines perfectly! She is fantastic at turning in lines swiftly and is splendid at stating her schedule which makes the whole series more orderly and efficient. Highly recommend her!
Beefree - His Wrath, Her Promise, Ep.4 - Received voice work
They had outstanding quality and got the lines back in the perfect amount of time. We were having issues finding a last minute VA, but when we finally cast Christina, she was perfect for the role. They could be flexible like we needed and was an amazing part of our team!
Bafooba - Received voice work
I cast Christina as a major character role in a comic dub of mine and was very satisfied with her work! She was very up front and professional with her work in my project, proactive and eager to give her best performance and I believe she succeeded! If there is one thing that sticks out in my mind about Christina is that she was very capable and showed a real desire to put effort in to get the job done and her work ethic and confidence is something I hope to achieve for myself. I very much vouch for her ability as an actor!
Producer - Received voice work
Christina voiced a character in one of my Audio Drama. Good audio quality with a fast turn around time. Would definitely recommend and look forward to working with them in the future

Professional Voice Work

Voiceovers, Voice Acting, Games, Narration, Commercials, Corporate Content...

Would you like to contact Christina for voice work? Just send her an email for her rates. Christina currently offers voice acting and voice overs for original projects, ranging from commercials and narration to character roles featured in almost any format of SFW/family-friendly content.


  1. Aston Origin Wide Condenser Microphone
  2. Pop Screen & Microphone stand
  3. 132 Acoustic Foam Panels
  4. Microphone isolation shield

Voice Education

1) Nancy Cartwright Teaches Voice Acting Masterclass

Vocal techniques, Vocal identity, Jump-start your career, Creating character voices, Creating distinct characters, Breaking down your script, VA tips for recording, Keeping your character's voice consistent, Performing a range of emotions, The ultimate vocal challenge, Taking your career to the next level, Lessons from a 10 year old boy, Harness your voice

2) The following personally taught live by Palace Dawson, professional actor, voiceover artist, and voice actor with 10+ years experience:

  1. Voice Acting Fundamentals Class
  2. Advanced Voice Acting Class
  3. Private Voice Acting Lessons

Proper warmups, posture, pacing, enunciation, articulation, and accentuation (clarity when speaking), basic & advanced emoting, breathing techniques, pacing, lung strength & capacity, auditioning, becoming the character, musical performing, improv, sibilance, mic techniques, plosives. Techniques regarding building, consuming, and nuanced emotional performances.

  1. Directing 101

Reputation, relating, relaying, responding/reviewing performances. Professionalism, explaining, patience, understanding the characters and story, scene building, authority and professionalism.

Selected Works

Air Traffic Controller B (Supporting)

Queen Merideth (Supporting)

Maid (Extra)

Narrator (Main)

Nancy (Minor) & Queen Maren (Extra)

Ms. Dupable (Supporting)

Miss Dupable (Supporting)

Princess Alora (Main)