Christina Roberts

Remote Voice Talent.

That sultry, motherly, teacherly, bossish feminine voice with a side of child or valley girl. Christina, a WA State native. Flashing a B.A. in web design. Her own boss since she was 15, having collaborated with sundry people for over 10 years in the web world. Now living in Denver with a husband, kitty beast, baby, and microphone.

Not available to voice for you if you intend to use my voice in any way to modify for AI, or if you create any assets with AI.

Industry-Standard Studio


Corporate, Industrial, Narration, E-learning, Medical, Radio, Web, Podcasts, YouTube, Characters, Dubbing & Animation, Cinema, Etc.

Would you like to contact Christina for voice work? Just send her an email. Currently billing loosely based upon the Mid-Tier Indie rates suggestions from the Voice Acting Club Indie Guide. Open to negotiation per-project.

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Voice Education

Audio Engineering for Voice Actors w/TONY WIJS
Institution: Closing Credits
COMPLETED: October 10, 2023

Business for Voice Actors w/JOHN WANG
Institution: Closing Credits
COMPLETED: March 3, 2022

Authenticity in Voiceover class w/DEBRA SPERLING
Institution: Debra Sperling
COMPLETED. February 8, 2022

Voice Acting 201 w/DEB MUNRO
Institution: Closing Credits
COMPLETED. February 7, 2022

Steve Blum's Free Voiceover Mini "Masterclass"
Institution: Steve Blum
COMPLETED. November 18, 2021

Improv w/JUNE YOON
Institution: Closing Credits
COMPLETED. October 14, 2021.

Nancy Cartwright Teaches Voice Acting Masterclass
Institution: MasterClass

Palace Dawson Voice Acting Foundations
COMPLETED: 2020-2021

  1. Voice Acting Fundamentals Class
  2. Advanced Voice Acting Class
  3. Private Voice Acting Lessons
  4. Directing 101

Selected Works

"Top 10" YouTube Channel Voiceovers

Narrator + Script Writer
Narrator + Script Writer
Narrator + Script Writer

Other Selected Voicing

Sorry Wrong Number:
Operator (Supporting)
The Art of Fighting:
Lily (Narrator)
Molly Duck (Minor) & Giri (Supporting)

After the Fire
Maid (Extra)

Nancy (Minor) & Queen Maren (Extra)

BLACKMAIL: Ep1 Original Comic Dub
Ms. Dupable (Supporting)

IMPULSE: The Zyaxis War - Ep1: Pilot
Impulse Computer (Minor)
The Death Of A Football Team | Lamia 2933
Air Traffic Controller B (Supporting)