What's more beautiful than this? A sculpted, online brand that works for your business or cause.

I'm a one-woman show web designer in Milwaukee, WI. I have the passion for building strong, online spaces that harness today's dynamic technologies with sharp design that will build trust with your customers. Get your message across online. Work with me. Grab all that online juice so you can spread your cause far without breaking your budget!

A Few Happy Clients

"I have worked with Christina on paid and volunteer projects and each time she has been responsive, steady and consistent. Working with her is easy because her communication style is clear and direct. I appreciate that she can quickly anticipate what's needed so that we can move projects forward to completion. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an exceptional WordPress professional."
- Sonja Bilden, Heart of Ganesh 501(c)(3)

"I highly recommend Christina Roberts as a website designer. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, works independently and follows through to ensure the job is completed. Christina is always accessible and willing to work on special projects and provide solutions."

Kathleen Hulick, Furry Friends Cat Rescue

"I couldn't be more pleased with the final print products that Christina produced for me... no matter how "trivial" I thought my edits were, Christina understood the value of detail and paid attention to each aspect of her products. I now have flyers and tear-sheets that match the look and feel of my website I can't wait to start spreading the word about my business around town, now that I have something that will stand out in the crowd!"

- Marci Koski, Feline Behavior Solutions

Where are you in all this? Stand out!

Web Design

  • Custom design
  • Ground-up development
  • Organic SEO optimization
  • Full website maintenance
  • Built-in security measures
  • Dynamic features


10+ years experience with WordPress!
  • Code custom designs (themes)
  • Theme branding & customization
  • Website security administration
  • Speed optimization
  • Troubleshooting and recommendations
  • Plugin research
  • Advanced, dynamic features

Organic SEO

  • Optimized keyword placement
  • Proper titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Keyword density
  • Content revisions
  • Google Analytics, Search Console
  • Sitemaps -- and more!

Print Design

  • Tri-folds, Brochures, Posters
  • Postcards, Notes
  • Business Cards & Marketing Materials
  • Hardcover, Paperback Books
  • The sky's the limit!


  • E-commerce development
  • E-commerce administration
  • Online portfolios & galleries
  • Online fundraisers
  • Online portals & intranets
  • Video, podcasting sites
  • List is nearly endless!

MORE Services!

  • E-Commerce
  • Online reputation management
  • Simple video production
  • Audio books & audio projects
  • E-book development
  • Hands-on training

Web Design FAQ

Web design is an organic process from planning to execution. The four primary services I've discussed above are by no means comprehensive. I've handled a variety of hybrid design services from the above lists, as well as other types of web design. Please contact me by the free web design estimate form and a free web design consultation.

What's the difference between web design and web development?
The terms are often interchanged, but there is a technical difference. Web design focuses more on the visual design, content, and visual construction of the website. Web designers are often front-end design focused and far less coding focused. Some web designers do not know coding very well, or at all, as they focus on design -- and they're extremely talented at design.

Web development tends to imply everything of web design plus higher-level programming for advanced, dynamic features. For instance, a 4 - 6 page website with primarily text-based content, a contact form or two, some image, links, and pdf documents would be categorized more as web design. A website that requires custom coding of custom features that can't be bought or placed out-of-the-box is categorized as web development. However, to make definitions muddier, web development is sub categorized as front-end web development and back-end development.

Front-end web development and web design are more often clumped together; whereas, back-end web developers and programmers are often clumped together. So, if you're seeking someone to custom program a complex, dynamic system from scratch (or considerably modify an out-of-the-box system) such as a social network, business intranet, or e-store, you may need to search for a web programmer. If you're seeking someone to build your business website from various out-of-the-box systems, tweaking things, you may only need a front end web developer or web designer.
How long will it take you to build my website?
This depends on the almost endless possible list of variables from your website's page count and feature complexity to the content I may need to gather from you. Communication, revisions, contract drafting, and even web hosting problems are possible variables. The best I can do is provide a super rough estimate of 4 - 6 weeks for a 6 page website.
Do you require contracts for your web design services?
Yes I do. Before any work begins, we need to have a revised, agreed, and signed contract. This will protect both of us during the project.
Do you require an up front cost?
Yes I do. After we've both signed the contract, there is a 25% up front down payment prior to work beginning.
Do you submit all the files to me when the web design project is done?
Yes. When the final product has been launched and the final payment has been delivered, I will send you all of the files: layer files, documents, credentials -- everything. I never withhold project files from any of my clients.
Are your web design services on-going or one-time?
Both. This depends on what you need. I both deign one-time website for clients and handle the design, upkeep, and administration.

I'd like a free project estimate

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